Friday, December 4, 2015

Traditions and Coping and What I Know For Sure

I feel like every few months I write a post about how the world seems scary and uncertain. It's because every few months something big and scary happens.  It's all over the news and everywhere, all the time, and everyone has an opinion,and so many people are angry and afraid. Parents are reeling and wondering how to help their kids cope and deal with such a violent and maddening world.  My answer is always love and compassion. The answers can also be found in finding the good, noticing the moments of hope and joy and light everywhere and pointing them out to your kids, and yourself.  

Routines and traditions and time together are pretty huge too.  I am a big believer in traditions (I mean people are probably sick of me talking about them, but I really, really believe in their power). Traditions don't have to be fancy or perfect or expensive. And the kids don't have to all be in love with the idea of them, but they still have to do them. Ha!   

Traditions are part of the foundation of families. But they don't have to be unchanging and make you stuck in ruts or the past or in things that just aren't working for your family (duh, we all watched Fiddler on the Roof, we know we don't have to be stuck in certain ways). We decided a couple years ago to add a new tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree and we love it. But last year Tim couldn't figure out how to tie the tree to the minivan.  The tree fell off several times. We kept having to stop on the side of the road and finally Tim ended up riding home with our new tree in the trunk. It was ridiculous and hilarious. 

Traditions and time together and making memories and laughing when it goes all wrong give families stories to tell.  It's history and identity, it's comfort and love. None of this advice solves the problems of the world, but it can help your kids know they are solid and loved and safe.  And it can remind you of that too.

I know for sure this week that making time for the traditions and laughing when they go wrong and loving it when they go right helps us all cope with life a little better.

Lucy and JT loved this Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Find the light everywhere.
Wade wasn't in love with the tree we chose. But it's a democracy in our house and he was outvoted. Tim was comforting him.

I'm making this my Christmas card. It's like Lucy's version of Grumpy Cat Christmas edition. LOL. 

She got in a better mood when it was time to hang her special ornament.  

Trying to get a picture of them in front of the tree and they were laughing so hard these were all I could get. I love it. 

Here's video of our tree adventure/tradition this year...

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • Love is in the air. Last weekend walking down the street we almost walked right into someone proposing. It was so romantic and wonderful!

  • We can't wait to see the new Star Wars movie! I bought our tickets yesterday and we are psyched. I'm psyched that I got six seats all in the same row, they were almost sold out.

  • I LOVE DOLLY PARTON and holy shit I am so excited about this TV movie. AHHHHHH!

(click here to watch the video)
  • Love this.

  • Dancing is always a good idea.
  (Click here to watch the video.)

What do you know for sure this week?  Tell me here or share your knowledge over on my Facebook page.

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  1. We bought Star Wars tickets for Friday the 18tj at 9am....then I realized the kids' last day at school is the 17th. So Christian gets to take someone else with him. Boooo!

    Love you and your amazing family.