Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Football Collage

Last year for my birthday, Tim bought me a pretty fancy-ish camera. He bought it because he wants to support my need to be creative and my love of capturing all of our family moments. He had no idea that the camera would become so much more meaningful to me during football season.  

It's no joke that football makes me nervous. But I have three sons that love football and a husband who coaches football, so football is a part of my life. The camera Tim got me actually served as sort of a buffer during all of the football I watched this past season. I also saw things that actually surprised me a little about football. Every game this fall, I sat in the stands with my fancy-ish camera and took pictures. I took pictures of tackles and huddles. But I also took pictures of the high-fiving, the congratulating, the consoling, the laughing, the kidding around--the community of kids and coaches. 

It was a pretty special time for our family in particular. The two older boys played for the same program and my husband was one of their coaches, and the baby of the family was the water boy for both teams. Every Saturday, I took pictures of all my boys doing what they loved. I saw them work hard and support each other. I saw so much good, so much love.

I took over 1,000 pictures of the boys playing football from August to November. People asked me what I was going to do with all the pictures and I told them that I had no idea. Then I got the best idea, a montage! I love a montage, video or photo. Done right, they can capture the feeling of a time that was special, a time that meant something, a time that may never happen again.

The montage/collage I made is no ordinary one. Nope, this may be the coolest photo montage I've ever made. It is 2 x 6 feet and I put it in the bedroom my three boys share. I made the collage on (WeMontage is a site that lets you upload your favorite photos, create a custom photo collage and print on large, removable wallpaper.). It is actually removable wallpaper! was very easy to navigate and the only hard part was picking out what pictures I wanted to include.  The quality of the pictures and the durability of the wallpaper is amazing. I love that I can take it down and move it if we want.
I love how the pictures capture the support, the friendship, the mentoring and the community of football. And all the love!
Peyton heads off to high school next year so the three boys won't ever be a part of the same football program again. I'm grateful that these pictures show them all together and all of the teenage boys being so kind to the younger kids.
The wallpaper was very easy to put up.

All my boys loved it.

Football still makes me nervous, but I it feels good to support my boys and show them all of the good parts of the games that I saw through my camera lens every Saturday. 

And I am so happy we have these memories of a time that meant something and was so special to us and may never happen again. 

WeMontage is a great company run by a great guy (shout out to  James Oliver Jr., founder and CEO) who gets the whole idea of wanting to capture all the special moments and remember them in a big way. called WeMontage's removable wallpaper a decor item all home owners should know. I concur, I concur.

For more information about WeMontage click here. A montage/collage would make such an amazing holiday gift! They come in different sizes and are so easy to make online. Order by Friday to guarantee delivery for Christmas with regular ground shipping.  

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