Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince & The Soundtrack of Our Lives & What I Know For Sure

I walked into the lobby of the Filmore in Detroit to pay the last installment for our venue (the very cool St. Andrews Hall) for my Listen To Your Mother show (which is just a little over a week away!). 

"Oh my god, the purple bandit is dead," said the woman behind the desk.  "Oh my god."
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On the car ride over, I had read that Prince had died. I felt a bit of shock like this woman.

"I loved him," she said, her eyes wide with disappointment. She asked who we were there to see and then answered her cell phone which had a purple cover on it. "I know, I can't believe it, he's dead," she repeated.

She turned up the Prince song playing on her radio. She walked out from behind the desk and we started dancing to the song together, paying tribute to the "purple bandit." It was surreal and wacky and real and something I'll never forget.

Just like I'll never forget rocking out to Let's Go Crazy in my living room after school and roller skating to Raspberry Beret in my garage and sneaking downstairs to watch the dirty scenes in Purple Rain. Or blasting Baby I'm A Star over and over to get psyched for any big event, it was my go-to song for over a decade. Or wondering what partying in 1999 would be like and then dancing to that song on New Year's Eve 1998. 
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Prince was on my concert wish/dream list, I never made it to one. I was a fan, but not mega super fan, have-to-buy-all-of-his-music-fan. For me, Prince and his music were about moments in my life and memories. His death was too. Dancing with a stranger in a lobby in Detroit to a Prince song, I can't even remember which one, honoring music and pop culture and life and sadness and joy and connection--I'll never forget that. 

That whole soundtrack of our lives thing, it's true, music matters. I know that for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure:

  • I love my kids. Duh right? But I really love when they all get along and look out for each other and root for each other. It is just one of the awesome parts of having a big family.
My kids can walk to the store by themselves now. The big ones watch the little ones. They love it and I love them.

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  • I am Team Kelly. I have loved Kelly Ripa since her first day on All My Children and I don't want anyone not treating her with respect. 
What do YOU know for sure this week? Tell me!!!


  1. I love your writing! Thanks for putting it out there. I'm dealing with the same reactions to Prince's death and going through lots of great memories too.

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