Friday, April 29, 2016

Big Hair, Lip Gloss and What I Know For Sure

So, I've been a little stressed lately. I mean like for the last few months. Getting a few jobs and having a few kids will do that. When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, like a lot of people I eat a little more and I might drink a little more. It's all about vices and comfort.  I've also realized  when I'm feeling uncomfortable or uncertain or unsure... like Cher I try to turn back time. When I'm feeling a little stressed or unsure (or when I'm trying to hide my bad roots) my hair gets bigger and my lips get glossier. The 80s--it's my go-to comfort look. 

That's a very tired me on the left right before work. That's a member of Guns & Roses on the right circa 1980-something.

I didn't say it was a good look, I said it is my go-to comfort look. Yeah, looking like a dude that sings in a glam rock/hair band from the 1980s makes me feel better when I'm stressed. It's weird. It makes me a very good candidate for an ambush makeover on TV. It makes no sense, but I know for sure that I feel better when I tease my hair and put lip gloss on like it's 1988. Um, until I see pictures of myself. Waaaaa.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW PANTS!!! Yeah it's all caps because I'm yelling because I'm so excited. Yellow shiny pants with flowers? Um, yes. I got these to wear on stage at Listen To Your Mother in Detroit on Sunday. Come check out the stories and my pants, buy your tickets here

  • My kid isn't allowed to go to work anymore. Wade went to Take Your Kid to Work Day with Tim at the high school. Tim sent me a picture of Wade with blood all over his shirt and said "he got in a fight." I almost believed him because there were other kids there and Wade is pretty tough. But then I got the real story...some of the high school kids were playing catch in the gym with the little kids and a football hit Wade in the nose and well, blood everywhere. He thought it was a cool story. 

  • There's a game to go to almost every night. Woah. 

  • Lucy is a gamer. She started playing softball for the first time ever this year and she is doing great and most importantly having so much fun.

  • I'm obsessed with 1980s rock. Lately I've been switching the Pandora channel to 1980s rock. I work out in my basement to Def Leppard, ACDC, Guns & Roses and Scorpions. I feel like I'm in the weight room of my high school and it's 1989 and I love it.

  • I am still in love with Snap Chat. I mean I LOVE it. Maybe it's because I am immature, but I seriously have so much fun. Come play with me -- AngelaYBlood

  • Writing thank you letters is a good thing, but being thoughtful is THE thing. I love this video series Gatorade did about Peyton Manning. Here's one from his coaches about how thoughtful he was.

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