Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break 2016- It Wasn't All Dumb

This past week we were all on spring break--the kids were off school, Tim was off work, I was off work. Even though we didn't have trip planned, it was supposed to be one of the best weeks ever because duh, no school! no work! I. could. not. wait.

But sadly, it was one of the dumbest spring breaks ever. EVER! It snowed. Tim got sick. Wade got sick. One of the dogs had some gross issues. The teenagers were grumpy and moody. It seemed like almost everyone we knew went some place with sun and fun and happiness and posted all the pictures on Facebook just to be mean (I know they weren't really trying to be mean and somewhere deep in my heart I am happy for them, truly happy, but mostly I am bitter and jealous). I danced around all week like a clown trying to get everyone in a good mood. I explained over and over that we didn't need money to have a good time (we have some big doubters in the family!).  And now I'm exhausted and crying just a little bit.

But then I looked back through some of my pictures from this week and realized it wasn't all dumb. There was some joy, there were some smiles and laughs. It wasn't all rosy and happy and goddammit 

I worked hard for those smiles and I'm going to hold onto those memories. Not the dumb ones. And next year, I'm going someplace warm.

Bowling = cheap fun. (I promise Peyton had a little fun.)

I love old school arcade games. The kids were a little confused, but I loved them.

Lucy had enough of us. Lol.

The sun was out for a minute and the kids were wrestling like animals on the trampoline. Whatever.

Awww, isn't that a sweet face? Lol. I saw this face a lot. He was SO OVER IT (most of the week).

Lucy having a little fun on the most uncolorful nature walk ever (everything is so brown).

I had to search for the green.

Too cold for baseball practice but Wade still wore his batting gloves everywhere....even when coloring.

Tim finally got out of his sick bed to do laundry. Best spring break ever. lol.

It was snowing lightly and freezing, but we really wanted to play softball/baseball.


  1. I love these photos. Your family looks like so much fun. Even when they're completely over it. :)

    Come to Austin next spring break! Plenty of warm here.

  2. You have the most gorgeous family. Even when they're totally over spring break. By the way, you tell those gorgeous children that in some parts of our fine country there is no such thing as a real spring break. Our kids have three days off from school around Easter, and that's it. And those days are filled with sports practice, so it's like no days off, really. Put that in their Cheerios next time they have grumpy faces. :)

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