Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It Was Great

What a great weekend! I mean it was great. We were just the right amount of busy. We watched games. We played games. It only rained once and not for very long. 

For the last two years, I spent the holiday weekend alone. It was a gift from Tim. He took the kids to his parents' cottage to give me a little break, a little alone time. It was so nice. But this year, JT had a baseball tournament and Tim's parents were out of town. So we were all home together. I was slightly bummed to be missing out on a weekend of day drinking and bingewatching TV and doing a lot of nothing. But it turns out being together was exactly what I needed. 

I think it's what we all needed.

"I think we have the best family," Wade told Tim when we walked back from a family basketball game. "Well, second best."

"Who is the first?," Tim asked with a surprised smile.

"Well, God and Jesus," Wade said matter of factly.  

I feel pretty good about two things--our second place ranking and that Wade thinks about God and Jesus at all (we have totally slacked on taking the youngest child to church!).

The only problem now is that none of us want to go back to school or work and we just want it to be summer vacation!  It was a great weekend.

Morning meeting on Saturday to talk about family rankings and all the fun we were going to have over the long weekend.

The world kind of exploded with green in the past week and a half. And we love it. 

Tim is one of the coaches on JT's team.  

A lot of baseball this weekend. It was fun to watch.

JT plays hard and yup, gets very, very dirty. Lol.
Love the shades right?!

What a goofball. He's the bat boy for JT's team.

Friday night at the court. JT was at a friend's house so we subbed with a neighbor kid. 

My dad came to town for a night and gave Wade a run for his money on the basketball court.

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