Monday, May 2, 2016

No Ego

Last Sunday I was on a stage in a kick-ass venue in Detroit working a crowd, getting a few laughs, loving the attention, having a blast. 

Look at my co-producer and friend, Angela A., and me, cracking each other up. So.Much.Fun.

The next day I slept through my alarm, broke up a fist fight in my kitchen (my two youngest children) and tried to tell the kids at my preschool what a big deal I was just a few short hours earlier.

Listen, I have no ego, at least not an inflated one. But I do have some really amazing stories of bravery, community, friendship, cool dudes at soundboards, history, discovering our truth and sharing it and love and the power of storytelling. Ahhhhhh. Co-producing the Listen To Your Mother show in Detroit is pretty rad.

First though, I must catch up on sleep and eat lots of chips and salsa and maybe cry a tiny bit because it's over for another year.

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