Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Power of Abe...Socks

When I was a kid I thought it would be so cool to have superhero underwear. Remember Underoos? I thought that would be so awesome to know you were wearing a super power shirt under your clothes.  Not only was it just cool as hell, I felt like it would give me an edge. Like maybe if I'd been wearing the Underoos I wouldn't have misspelled Wednesday in front of the whole class like I did in Mrs. Hutchinson's class that cold-ish day in 1983. Maybe. We'll never know because for some reason my mom never really believed in the power or coolness of Underoos and I never got any.

But a few weeks ago one of the best things that has ever happened to me happened and it involved a superhero of sorts, and the Internet and socks. A sock company sent an email that said this:

Ahhhhhh!!!! How cool, right?!?

I was finally going to get my chance to wear a super hero under my clothes. Someone who fought for real change in society.  A real hero--not a reality star or a pro athlete or a comedian or satirist or made up guy who flies or spins webs. Someone who made an impact in the world, created real change. For me that hero is Abraham Lincoln.

I sort of stumbled into loving this hero of mine. This past summer on a road trip the kids begged me to stop when we saw a sign that said "Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln." Okay, actually I forced my kids to go with me. But I was fascinated that there was a museum celebrating our 16th President nestled in the mountains of Kentucky along with all the liquor stores and Baptist churches.

So we stopped and my fascination began. I started reading everything I could and watching biographies. I found ways to work facts about Abraham Lincoln anecdotes into almost every conversation/situation. Like when the kids and I went bowling, I said "you know who else liked to bowl?" The kids rolled their eyes and said "Abraham Lincoln" in annoyed unison. 

Abraham Lincoln was a poor, uneducated guy who wanted something more. He was a hard worker who wasn't perfect. He told great stories. He had great empathy. He was a loving father who believed in childhood. He wanted to see all the sides of a situation. He loved to make people laugh. He was prone to darkness and feeling a little too much. He was described as always looking a bit disheveled. He cared. He was deliberate. He was passionate. I truly believe the post Civil War America would have healed differently (and better!) if he had lived longer and that we would have felt the positive impacts from that time today. 

I literally could go on and on (and on) about Abraham Lincoln and defending Mary and the complexities of depression and ahhhh, there I go again. But this post is about socks. Why do I love wearing Abraham Lincoln socks? Because just like the old Bonnie Tyler song "I need a hero!"  Don't we all? Not just a hero, but someone that we can look to and learn from and feel inspired by. I like to think when I wear my socks that I feel even more compassion and empathy even if I sometimes still misspell Wednesday.

I wish I could give everyone a pair of Abraham Lincoln socks. If you want to get a pair, go to this website, These socks are soft an comfortable and yeah, inspiring.

While you are ordering, click on the song below and rock out.

(Click here to watch the video.)

I was given a pair of socks to do this review, but the thoughts and opinions are all mine, all original.


  1. You go conquer the world with those socks, Angela. YESSS.

  2. You go conquer the world with those socks, Angela. YESSS.