Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love More (& a Pinterest Poser Challenge)

I'm a runner.  I've run in quite a few races over the years.  I've run a marathon.  

Each race I run, my husband brings my children.  They wait on the sidelines to cheer me on, hold up their signs and scream "good job mommy!"  
This was a sign that my kids made for one of my races.

Big races are like parties, especially the finish lines.  The finish line at a marathon is a celebration of life--honoring dedication and devotion from the runners and the family members that supported their hours and hours and hours of training.

It breaks my heart to think about a finish line with terror and violence like at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

There's no wrapping your head around this kind of horror.  There's no understanding this kind of hate.

The only thing I know how to do is love more, live more and appreciate more, and keep running.  
I took this picture on Instagram on Sunday after a run with Peyton.  I love running with my kids.

Last night at dinner, my kids (unaware of any evil in the world) were telling silly jokes and laughing hysterically.  It went on for a good 15 minutes.  They laughed with their mouths open and their heads thrown back.  They laughed the kind of laugh that made their eyes water.  They laughed so hard their noses snorted and then they laughed harder.  It was the best sound in the world.

I had a project planned for the Pinterest Poser Challenge before yesterday's horrific events, a new DIY Subway Artwork. I saw this quote on my friend's blog (Capturing Joy) and fell in love.  So, I copied it. Except I misspelled it.  But imagine how great it's going to be when it's spelled correctly.  
This Pinterest project was almost perfect.

Not only do I love how it turned out (minus the misspelling), all crooked and imperfect, I love the quote.  It captures what I'm feeling on a day after such tragedy.  I'm feeling grateful and aware.  I'm aware of this moment and that I am living a sort of fairy tale, my once upon a time, my happily ever after.  
Make sure when crafting, you aren't drinking too much wine and misspelling awesome wonderful quotes.

I will love having the new sign up to serve as a reminder on those days when I'm not so aware, when I'm not so grateful. I want this sign to remind me of my kids laughing and snorting with so much joy.  Because that is my story and my story is happening right now, and I'm so grateful.

What's your story?  What helps you remember the good in life?

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  1. is it weird that i want you to leave the misspelling, even if it's on the back, as a reminder of imperfection? how we must embrace it as part of our embracing the present?

    i might be overthinking crafts.


    1. Oh my gosh, I overthought the same thing! :)

  2. Such a great quote. And I love the misspelling too. Thanks for the reminder to hold onto joy.