Friday, April 5, 2013

No Filter, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

I love this picture of Lucy.  She's all flowers and femininity.  She's all fearless and fun.  She's up a tree, sun shining on her face, the wind blowing her hair.  She is deeply involved in her story--which could be rescuing the trapped orphans (her three brothers) in the rough seas (the yard) below or swinging on the vine to help her people (once again those brothers) like any good queen would do, not sure which story it was on that particular afternoon.  Whatever it was, she was in it.  She was in the moment and loving it.

If I put this picture on Instagram, I would add the hashtag #nofilter.  That simply means I didn't use a fancy filter or edit the picture in any way to brighten the light or soften the focus, etc.  A #nofilter label/hashtag means the person taking the picture thinks the shot got everything just right.  The right light, the right focus, the right juxtaposition.  I'm no professional photographer, not even a pretty decent amateur, but I'm going to stand behind my #nofilter label.

In fact I think that hashtag sums up more than the shot, it sums up the story the shot tells.  The story about being in a moment--no frills, no posing, no worries.  The story of living life and feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.  Being real and being involved in our own stories.  Being in the moment and loving it.

Filters aren't bad, but sometimes going #nofilter and being in the moment is a good thing, this I know for sure (this week).  
**Oooh, notice how I combined Martha Stewart's "good things" and Oprah's "know for sures."  Now that's a moment, people.**

Here's What Else I Know For Sure (This Week):

  • My baby boy looks adorable in a suit.  In fact, I wish he could wear one everyday. 

Here's my little man dressed up in his Easter suit doing a little shopping after church.

  • Poetry is powerful.  It's National Poetry Month and this poem speaks to my broken-ness.  Broken or not, enjoy the power and beauty of Shane Koyczan's poem "To This Day."  

And click here to watch his passionate Ted Talk.

  • Mad Men is back this Sunday and I am saying a big hallelujah. Two hours.  Woo-hoo.

  • SouthFork is my Graceland.  Watch my tour recap below if you missed it.  And click here to read all about it. 

  • Time flies when you are having fun.  Tim and I celebrated the anniversary of the night we met--15 years ago.  We celebrated by loading up the kids and going to a mediocre animated movie (The Croods) and we loved every minute of it.  

  • Saving money at the movies is easy.  Yeah, when you smuggle in Easter candy.  It was a brilliant plan, until Tim bought $350 $40 dollars worth of popcorn and drinks. Ugh.

  • Spring Break going no where turned out to be one of my most favorite spring breaks evah.  It turns out my large family really enjoys being together.  I'm actually sad to see it end.

  • I need love. Yeah, just like LL Cool J, sometimes when I'm alone in my room, staring at my wall and in the back of my mind I hear my consience call, telling me I need a girl whose as sweet as a dove... okay, wait maybe it's not just like LL.  By love I mean "likes."  If you love, I mean like, me and you haven't "liked" my Facebook page, what's stopping you?  Or head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel (I'm only 6 subscribers away from my May 1 goal).  It will make my weekend.  And sadly, I'm totally not kidding me.

And because I had to, here is THE offical video of LL Cool J's I Need Love.  I dedicate this to all of you who liked my FB page and my friend Geoff W. who performed this song at our middle school talent show and killed it.

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  1. Your little guy is a doll! Oh my goodness! And I love your take on #nofilter--so true. We also did not go anywhere for our spring break a few weeks ago, and we had a much better week than I expected. I'm always so glad when that happens.

    Can't wait for Mad Men! Don is such a jerk but I keep rooting for him anyway.

  2. He is SO handsome in his suit....and that pose is kind of a glimpse into his teenage years, isn't it? I absolutely LOVE the car picture of all of you. It's perfect! I spent half of our spring break in Dallas, so my kids didn't go anywhere, but without me. At least they had fun with grandma and grandpa.

    I totally made a vlog! Okay, it was for a #mamavation application and it's long and boring, but I did it and I didn't hate my voice, and it wasn't so scary. I'll have to do one for my blog next. :)

  3. "In fact I think that hashtag sums up more than the shot, it sums up the story the shot tells. The story about being in a moment--no frills, no posing, no worries. The story of living life and feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Being real and being involved in our own stories. Being in the moment and loving it."

    OMG woman. You officially stole my heart. Seriously, I love that thought. I definitely need/want more #nofilter life moments. xo