Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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When I started this blog, I had an idea what I wanted it to look like, what I wanted it to be like, simply from reading other people's blogs.  But it has become more than I could have imagined.  Not because I've hit it big and I'm fighting off advertisers and book deals.  No, this whole blogging endeavor has connected me with so many interesting, supportive people.  People that are my friends now.  It's given me opportunities to flex my creative muscle and get paid for it.  It's given me the opportunity to share and write my guts out.  

I vow to never wear this shirt again---it's in so many posts.  These were headshots I had taken at BlissDom.  They were free, so I couldn't say "excuse me, do you mind waiting while I go change?"
While writing and sharing and making friends and a little extra money (lol, extra money? hahaha, there's no extra money w/four kids ever!) over the past couple years, I've also grown up a little.  That doesn't mean I've stopped watching immature (somewhat offensive) comics on YouTube or that I have many answers.  It does mean that I'm less apologetic for my love of silly things and my emotionality.  It does mean that I've accepted that my niche isn't perfect craft tutorials and that my fashion is a little stuck in the eighties.  I'm more okay with myself than ever before.

Sharing and writing my guts out has helped me let go of a lot of fear.  Fear of judgement from others and myself.  Fear of being wrong, stupid, a bad writer, a bad thinker, too emotional, too immature, too not perfect, etc.

When I started my vlog? That was a completely different story.  I mean sharing and writing is one thing,  bu shooting video of me, talking to me, editing video of me, it seemed like just way too much me.

In college, I took a literature performance class and they video-taped us.  We had to watch the video and critique our own performance.  After watching myself, I went into a mini depression.  I wasn't what I thought I was at all.  My voice sounded like Punky Brewster.  How could anyone stand to listen to me? Why hadn't I noticed that my eyes slanted down so much or that my hair was just completely wrong?  Was I really that short?  

I was so unkind to myself.  I actually got depressed for a few days. I wasn't in front of a camera for probably about 8 years.  Not until I was pregnant with my first child and we got a fancy new video camera.  I was a little kinder to myself because I was all about the baby.  But of course I couldn't help but mentally criticize my weight.

But since I started vlogging for my very own YouTube channel, I've gotten less critical.  
Just like blogging, vlogging has led to self-acceptance.  I don't notice the wrinkles or the crooked teeth very much(but I did give a lecture to my kids about wearing their retainers post-braces based on video evidence of me not doing so).  I don't watch every video and analyze my face or my voice.  Because it's about sharing and connecting and being creative and being open and intentional and funny and real.

YouTube is a whole new fun playground to connect with other parents and moms and women.  We share jokes, stories, parenting advice, political passions and more.  

Every Wednesday, I link up with Mama Kat's Vlogging Prompts.

Here's the intro video I made when I first started vlogging last July.  It's funny how much I've learned about vlogging, lighting, editing since last summer. It's also fun to see how much the kids have grown and changed.  Check it out:

(If you are an email subscriber, click this link to watch the

I'm having a pretty great time vlogging, come check me out and subscribe to my channel.  I've hovered around 44 (gaining subscribers and then losing them and then gaining them) for a while, but would love to hit 50 before May 1.

Last week, I got my first mean, semi-vicious comment that involved a few of F-bombs over a review of Skechers shoes.  The commenter told me to leave Skechers alone and get a life. Um, I think I'm legit folks.  Woo-hoo!

If you feel like subscribing and/or leaving a nice comment that would make my legit-ness that much sweeter.

Here are a few of the other most-watched videos on my YouTube channel:
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  1. I've only recently started vlogging. I feel like it's a great way to connect with my readers and other bloggers. I still have a lot to learn about lighting, etc. but I figure I will get better as I go along. It's fun to see how you've grown as a vlogger. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have only just begun vlogging and it has been quite the experience! I don't love being in front of the camera and so it has definitely been stepping out of my comfort zone, but so much fun! Your channel is awesome!

  3. I think you are fabulous! All around fabulous :-)

  4. I like your videos and your confidence in them. It's definitely learn as I go with video but I think it almost had to be! I'm still working on being looser and more like myself.

  5. Oh and the trolls are nasty. I try not to think about why people are giving things down to videos of my toddler. She's a little kid what did you expect?

  6. I am majorly impressed with your ability to curl your lashes without looking in the mirror. Also, I never thought to do it multiple times a day and/or when I'm tired. YOu're a genius!

  7. I really need to start vlogging. I have only ever done like 2-3, why are they so intimating?!! lol. Oh and I love your headshots!! :)

  8. Oh my gosh, is that a giant light-screen-thingamajiggy? I want one! It's so dark in my house, we are like mole people!

    The eyelash curling made me cringe. I don't really ever where make up and every time I use an eyelash curler I feel like I'll accidentally rip my eyelashes right off. It terrifies me!

    I loved your dance video :) I've never been able to pull off the running man, but I love me a good cabbage patch and I can rock the Roger Rabbit pretty hard too ;)

    I haven't seen your Sketchers video yet, but I'm guessing maybe it's about those horrible Daddy's Money shoes. Blech.

    Your kiddos are adorable. I only have two and it's always loud around here.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's :)

  9. I love your vlogs so much, probably because they're very real, and it's like I get to hang out with you some more! You're such an inspiration. When I get time, I'm going to do a real vlog...for real. Not a long boring not-for-my-blog one. And then I may send it to you before posting it because I'm terrified. Ha!

    And YAY! You got hate've made it!!