Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giving Advice to Newlyweds & Linking Up With Mama Kat

I talk a lot about my marriage.  Just last week I was talking about how in love with my husband I am.  But I try to always keep it real, like in this post or this post .  So, when one of the vlog prompts over at Mama Kat's Losing It was to give newlyweds (like Kelly Clarkson) advice I found it a bit tricky.  I mean I don't want to scare the happily just-married folks with too much keeping  it real.  

Check out how I handled it here (and check out my first vlog with my attitude glasses on):

(If you are an email subscriber, click here to watch the video).

Let me know what your advice to newlyweds is.  And maybe more importantly whether or not you dig the attitude glasses or not.  And most importantly, subscribe to my YouTube Channel please.

Then head on over to Mama Kat and check out her HIGH-larious advice to newlyweds and some great last minute Halloween costumes that I am totally stealing.

And yeah, did you see Kelly Clarkson's sweet wedding video?

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  1. "Don't do it on a work phone." Snort! I agree. Especially to the first thing....we've been married five years almost, and have yet to go on a honeymoon. And we also have four kids. So. (Also, you just reminded me that out anniversary is on Friday and I need to get something for him. Amazon, help!!)