Monday, October 28, 2013

The Beginning

This week is the beginning.  The beginning of THE holiday season.  The beginning is my favorite part.  Because I love Halloween  There's no pressure, guilt, bitterness, questioning of your faith or your family like at Christmas (yeah, I know, I have issues).  Nope it's all dressing up, Boo-ing people, The Great Pumpkin, eating candy.  

I know Halloween has a dark side too.  When I was a teenager I loved watching the Friday the 13 movies on or around Halloween.  Or all my friends would sleep over at Laura's or Christine's and watch Halloween.  That sounds like pure hell to me now.  I hate the over-the-top scary part of the holiday and zombies and realistic dead people costumes.  I can't watch scary shows on TV like The Walking Dead or American Horror Story or even Criminal Minds. The whole idea of death gives me a panic attack.  And yeah the slutty costumes for women and teens and even young girls makes me question and hate our sexist society.  But I do my best to tune that out.  I focus on pumpkin patches and plastic spider rings and happy magic.

Every year we kick off the beginning of THE holiday season with a Halloween Hoopla.  My in-laws, otherwise known as Grandma and Bubba, host the extravaganza.  And it's quite a party.  In fact there ain't no party like a Youngblood party and a Youngblood party don't stop. Woot-woot! 

They really go all out and the kids (and the grown ups) love it.

There are costumes and games and food and fun.

The kids run from game to game.

The scavenger hunt is a favorite.

Bubba's famous tractor rides are also a favorite.

Bubba and Grandma turn their garage into party central-- playing music (holiday classics like Rap'n Halloween Hits), dancing and crafting and painting and candy bar bingo and so much laughter.

Uncle Joe bustin a move and showing the kids his serious break dancing skills.

Maybe I love this beginning so much because it reminds me what ALL the holidays are about.  This beginning is a great party, but it's so much more.  It's about seeing my husband's parents still in love and truly enjoying being together (which after being married for forever I find beyond inspiring). It's about grandparents who still have fun together and with their grandkids.  It's about the teenage cousins coming to the party in costume and helping out and playing with the younger cousins.  It's about my husband, his three brothers and his sister showing up, hanging out and being together with their parents. It's about traditions.  It's about bringing the dessert, connecting, laughing and dancing and eating.  It's about family. 

It's the best beginning of the holiday season ever.  

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  1. Duuude. This looks amazing! I want to party with you guys! You're kids are so lucky to have grandparents like that :) Happy Halloween Angela!