Monday, October 14, 2013

We'll Always Have October

So far, October has been pretty amazing.  The kind of weather that makes you want to eat poetry, reach out and grab the blue sky.  It makes you feel like you're king of the mountain.   Like nothing matters but the blueness of the sky, the magic of the sun, the mystery of the shadows and the truth in the light.  This kind of October makes people believers.

It makes us believe in wishes.

It makes us believe in new discoveries.

It makes us believe there new adventures around every corner.

And down every trail. 

Sometimes we follow the light and sometimes it's got our back.    Either way, this October has been full of opportunities to believe.  

Appreciating beauty in the trees and rivers and even the colorful secret graffiti wall we discovered, we are all over it.  We are making the most of every sunshine filled moment.

There are so many things we aren't good at, like organization, planning ahead, finding matching socks, making beds, impulse control and well, you get the idea. But taking the adventure, believing in the magic and seeing the beauty around us everywhere?  We are very good at that.  This October is making us feel very successful.  We won't let it go to our heads, I mean the stressful holiday season is coming up and that is the season for all those plan-ahead, budget, matching-sock types to shine.  
We'll always have October.

This picture looks like I'm saying "You got a problem with that?" and maybe I am.
I dare you to find fault in my October success, but I won't care because I'm an October badass success story (so far).

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  1. Okay first, your skin is amazing. And second, I adore all of these pictures. All of them.