Monday, November 11, 2013


It's that time of year again...  
Tis the season to throw leaves up in the air and throw them around like you just don't care.
The time of year to be grateful for everything and let everyone know it on Facebook.  I have to admit, sometimes I get annoyed with everyone's gratitude.  It's not nice of me or very mature.  So in an attempt at being a better, more grown-up person, I'm giving it a go this year and taking part in the November Gratitude Challenge.  

This past weekend was full of things to be grateful for like:

Banjos.  I love the Banjo.  I dreamed of playing one my whole life, ever since I saw some distant relative play one at my Great Aunt Opal's house a million and five years ago.
Awesome duo at my favorite coffee shop jamming hard.  

Art and learning about kick ass, fascinating women from browsing the real books at the book store on an impromptu date night at Barnes & Noble.
The more I learn, the more I am mildly obsessed
with Frida Kahlo.

Dogs that like to help out with the raking.
She may not ever stop jumping on people or running into the street, but just maybe she'll help with the yard work.
Or chew up our good rake.

Neighborhoods full of so many children it looks like it's recess in your yard.

Good insurance, hospitals just around the corner and glue.  Peyton fell while playing with all the neighbor kids and he bit threw his lip.  I kept my cool and only swore once and took my crew to hospital to get Peyton's lip glued back together.

THE loom. I know so many people are annoyed with this thing. "3.99 for rubber bands! What the hell?!" I've heard.  Or "they are too distracting in school."  Well, guess what, I got my money's worth and then some when the kiddos kept themselves busy making bracelets and rings for the hospital staff in the ER.  It may have been just a little glue, but we waited a long time for that damn glue and I am forever grateful for the loom.

A sense of humor even in pretty yucky situations.  I may not be able to teach my kids the most appropriate coping skills, but they are learning to try and find the funny.  And share it and help others find the funny.  At the ER, JT was stealing the gloves, blowing them up and making us all laugh, even Peyton and his holey lip.

My kids.  I am so proud to be their mother.  I love their spunky spirit, their funny, interesting-ness.  I love that they support each other and worry about each other and care about each other.  I love that when one of them is hurting they rally, we rally.  

A worried Wade fully embracing our No Matching Socks! philosophy.

A pensive Peyton before getting the hole in his lip.

Oh man, all those people on Facebook are right on.  It feels good to make a list of stuff to be grateful about.  That means I have to stop making fun of them and grow up a little.  But I refuse to stop eye rolling when people post all the "share if you love your brother or mother or sister" quotes and pictures.  I just can't stop that.  But gratitude?  Yeah, I'll join in on that party.

Your turn.  What are you grateful for?  Do you participate in the November Gratitude Challenge?


  1. I think finding the funny is one of the best coping skills there are!

    I just wrote a post about how I cannot be trusted to do daily thankful posts on Facebook, so I would do it once a week on my blog. I agree that it feels good to write down what I am thankful for, but ever more than that, I find myself looking for things to be thankful for. It is slowly changing my perspective.

  2. I admit, I've never done the facebook thankful posts (thought almost) and sometimes find them annoying! But these Angela, are awesome. These are really cool things to be thankful for. I just love the way you tell it.