Monday, November 4, 2013

About Time

Time was on my mind a lot this past weekend.  Everywhere there were reminders that it was going fast.  Reminders to pay attention.  Reminders that even though we may do our best to over-complicate, over-think, over-dramatize life, it's really pretty simple--time goes fast, make the most of it.

Date Night
Friday night Tim and I went on our first date in almost six months (which speaking of time, is waaaaay too long to go between date nights).   Our time is usually filled with kid activities.  When we finally get to sit down on the couch to watch a show together one of us usually falls asleep.  Yup, real romantic.  But we managed to stay awake for our movie date this past Friday (bonus- we went to a 7 o'clock show and we were home falling asleep on the couch by 10).

We went to see a movie about time called um, About Time.  It was sweet, funny and very British.   It's a love story, the love story of a family really.  And it's about time travel. And it has main characters saying things like "I try to live everyday as if it were the final day of my extraordinary ordinary life."  

Turning 12

My oldest child had a birthday this weekend, he turned 12.  
We didn't have the right candles for Peyton's cake so we improvised.  "4+8=12"  The "+" sign was made out of tooth picks.

This will be his last year before he officially becomes a teenager.    

In some ways I can't believe my baby is getting so much older and in other ways it makes perfect sense.  Peyton has always been an old soul.  He is serious and cautious and compassionate.  He is a hard worker.  He is smart.  It sort of makes perfect sense that he is growing up. 

Daylight Savings 
Just like every other person on Facebook, I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time.  I'm a creature of habit and routines.  My kids were up at 5 a.m. and ready for bed at 6 p.m. yesterday (not our normal routine).  I felt late for everything and confused and annoyed.

I'm not so into change.  And that sucks because time is all about change.  Time is constantly changing it all up.  Whether it's the exhausted nights and weeks between date nights, our kids growing up, the seasons changing, the new wrinkles on my face, Manic Mondays to TGIFs, time doesn't stop changing everything.

Since yesterday felt like the longest day ever, we had time for a walk through our woods.  

While walking through the trails near our house, we noticed that the nature center was open for a "special Sunday time."  

Once again, a walk through our woods, our trails
just makes everything make sense.

"Look where you are going," I told Lucy who was running and pulling the wagon down the busy-ish trail."Why? I already know where I'm going," she said.  
Change. Time. Not in my control.  These words/phrases make it hard for me to breathe.  But this weekend reminded me that sometimes change makes sense, sometimes change is beautiful.  Long days can give you opportunities to explore and spend more time together knowing exactly where you are going.

You should see this sweet movie About Time.

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  1. Okay, I started the trailer and finally remembered seeing that a million years ago (probably the last time we went on a date. RIGHT?!). That does look like a super cute movie. And I get grumpy if we get home past 11 on a date. Because who's gonna wake up with the kids the next morning?? ME.

    I just saw in Peyton's car picture that he looks so much like Lucy. Oh my goodness. I hope he had a great birthday!