Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gratitude (Again) & A Pinterest Poser Challenge

My Pinterest-inspired (copied) chalkboard message.
This past Sunday, Tim and I taught JT's Sunday school class.  The class consisted of six rowdy, hyped-up 7-year-old boys.  Not being very prepared for class, we filled it with what we like to call "community-building ice breakers and games."  
Pre-Sunday school scramble.
We kind of have our own Sunday school class
just with all of our kids.  

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we asked the very original question "what are you grateful for?" 

We got the usual "my family," "video games" and "pizza" responses of course.  But then a sweet little squeaky voice said "time."  That squeaky voice belonged to my rowdy, hyped-up 7-year-old JT.
Source: Pinterest

I was kind of blown away.  Maybe he got the whole bigger picture of time as in his time here on this planet.  Maybe he was only talking about the time he got to play goofy ice-breaker games with other rowdy 7-year-olds.  Whatever, I just loved his answer.  It stopped me in my tracks and made me grateful.  Grateful for my time right at that moment.  Tim and I together in those tiny little chairs in the Sunday School room. Overacting the skit about the prophet Elijah for the handful of second-graders.  JT's squeaky voice and crooked smile.  Being together.  Being alive.  Being loved.

You should ask your kids what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving.  Sure a lot of them will say "my iPod Touch" or "Pop Tarts."  But some kids (maybe those same kids that say Pop Tarts) may also say something profound or sweet that makes you all feel a whole lot of gratitude and love.

Source: The Pleated Poppy
Love this and you can print it out for your Thanksgiving celebration of gratitude.
Click here for the free download it.   

Due to a power outage and my kids missing school, I didn't do the Pinterest Poser Challenge I wanted to, but here are a couple old favorites.

(In an attempt at not being a Pinterest Poser,* every week I  detail a new Pinterest challenge whether it be a new recipe or a craft.   

**My definition of a Pinterest Poser is someone who is all pins and no substance.**)

Here are two Pinterest-inspired gratitude projects to inspire thankful thoughts and feelings:

The Gratitude Dinner is simple.  It involves brown paper from the Dollar Store, Sharpies and a dinner table.  This would be the perfect, fun way to get the gratitude conversation rolling at Thanksgiving (the kid table and the grown up table).
Click here to find out more.

The Give Thanks Project is sort of like an Advent Calendar only with gratitude challenges and activities. We got really into this last year. The whole project is pretty much free and can be abbreviated to a one week countdown to Thanksgiving.
Click here to find out more.

I am grateful that I get to host giveaways on my blog and make people happy.  I'm no Oprah or Ellen, but I'm happy to announce the winner of the Sweet Serendipity dress giveaway:
Rebecca Xavier, congratulations you won!!!

Did you ask your kids what they are grateful for?  What did they say?  What are you grateful for?  Have you made anything on Pinterest lately?  Share what worked and what didn't, leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.

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Here are some of the projects I've already attempted, the good and the bad:

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  1. What an awesome response! I love those pleasantly surprising parenting moments.

    I am also digging your Pinterest chalkboard message!

  2. That is awesome. The other day, Henry said he was grateful for "God and Daddy." Because, you know, daddy helps him with Minecraft and plays with him. I'm chopped liver. ;)