Friday, March 14, 2014

First Place Funny & What I Know For Sure This Week

I think I'm a pretty fun person.  I like fun.  I like to play.  But it never fails, when Tim comes home, I lose rank.  Instead of the most fun, I come in second.  Sometimes I pout and go fold laundry muttering under my breath "see if he'd be so fun staying home all day on the millionth snow day, he thinks he's so great, whatever."  Other times, I welcome the fun party relief and tag out and go fold laundry while watching the latest Real Housewives on my DVR.

But always, even when I'm pouting and jealous, I'm full of gratitude.  I'm grateful that I married a man who plays with his kids.  There has never once in the 12 years we've been parents  been a moment where I had to beg him to spend time with our kids.  
He plays with them, reads to them, coaches their teams, makes up silly games for them.  He has special handshakes with each of them.  He uses "funny voices" when he reads stories to them at night.  
A little indoor basketball game fun.

You'd think with how much fun we both are that it would be good times all the time for the two of us.  But it's exhausting to be so much fun and to be so present for each of our four children.  

Sometimes he and I aren't so fun and present for each other (not all the time, but sometimes).  We fall asleep on the couch watching House of Cards.  We snap at each other.  We blame each other.  We compete for who is the most exhausted, who had the worst day.  We get in huge fights.  We go to bed pissed off at each other.  That's the worst right?  Doesn't every dumb article say "don't go to bed angry."  Well, we do because sometimes you are just too tired and nothing is right, nothing looks like it will work out and nothing is fun.  My advice is just go to bed dammit.  Everything is better in the morning.  After a night-fight, we usually look at each other, forget what we were fighting about anyway and laugh without any real deep discussion.  "Um, you called me f*ckass," Tim will say laughing.  "What the hell is that?" And BAM, a few lol's later and we are fun(ny) again.

So, here's what I know for sure right now--1. I fell in love with and married a guy who turned out to be the best father I've ever met, and someone I don't mind coming in second to in the fun category (I'm still number one in the fake accents and dancing categories in our house) and 2. If you are in a fight with your spouse you should totally go to bed mad, make up in the morning. 

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • Wonder Woman face paint seems appropriate for Super Lucy.

    • My JT has struggled with too much indoor-ness this winter.  He really needs to get outside and run and move.

    • The news is giving me major panic attacks lately.  I've turned it all off for the first time in years.

    • New running shoes make me happy. (And my feet too, they are long overdue.)

    • This is my jam this week-Crystal Waters' 100% Pure LoveOhhhh yeah, kickin it old school this week. "From the back to the middle and around again...." G'head, get your dance on.

    What do you know for sure (this week)?  C'mon, we're friends, share what you know. 

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    1. Love your new shoes!
      It sounds like you have so much fun at your house. We are needing some more outside time soon, too - this winter has been a long one.

      1. Such a loooong winter, I agree. Bring on the sunshine and getting outside!!

    2. My Tim and I have gone to bed a few times too. It's all good in the morning. Usually... ;)

      And yes, Listen To Your Mother is very amazing. I'm so happy our shows are on the same day!

      1. I'm so glad that our shows on the same day too! We are living sort of parallel lives--we both have Tims & LTYM shows. Lol!

    3. Yeah, I'd say go to bed angry too. Kind of impossible to make up when you're pissed. But, I'm divorced, so...
      There are March flowers in full bloom over here in Western KY, momma! Won't be long now.


    4. That is ALWAYS the advice I give to people getting married (if they ask). Nothing gets solved after midnight (or 10 when you are over 40).

    5. We go to bed angry too, sometimes. Because there are times when one just has to sleep it off.
      You guys do have a lot of fun!

    6. Ah, to have a funny man to tag in on those overwhelming days...

      My husband is the straight man. So, so straight. I'm the clown. Which means I'm also often too spent to keep all the balls in the air. So they learn to entertain themselves. Which makes me smile, always. :)