Monday, March 24, 2014

Frozen--A Big Deal

We've been singing the songs from the movie Frozen along with the rest of the world for months.  Three of the kids and I saw the movie in the theater last fall and we fell in love.  So it was pretty much going to happen that we would buy the movie when it came out this past week on DVD.  

We bought it last Tuesday, but we didn't watch it until Saturday.  Since the whole family hadn't seen it, I wanted to wait and watch it when we'd all be together.  Since everyone is so busy, we weren't all together until Saturday afternoon.  

I wanted to make a big deal out of the day, so I checked out "Frozen Theme Parties" on Pinterest.  Holy shit people go crazy with themes.  I didn't really want to get crazy with it, nor did I want to cut out snowflakes and have a frozen world theme since that's what we've been living in for the past well, what feels like forever.  So we simply made it an ice cream cream and Frozen, sort of cute right?

Hey, I added fun, gluten-free toppings.  It wasn't totally lame.
Do you like how daffodils and a football are our centerpiece? Ha!

Who doesn't love a floor picnic/ice cream party?
I like making things a big deal, even if they don't look like the fancy Pinterest parties.  I like that we looked forward to not only watching the movie all week, but being together.  Our lives are busy and as the kids get older they are getting busier.  We are often running in all different directions--baseball practice here, a playdate there, a piano lesson, homework, homework and more homework everywhere.  Not to mention Tim working late and me doing stuff, yeah I do stuff occasionally.    An afternoon at home together is kind of something to make a big deal about.  

They couldn't get enough of Tim being home.  

I love seeing who they are all becoming, but sometimes I just want to press pause, freeze time if you will.  (Sorry I have frozen themes on my brain)  I love my kids and family so much. I love that we love being together.  


  1. I just love that you waited to all watch it together. And that you even attempted a themed party to go with it? That's so cool. xxxxxoooo.

    1. I love a theme party, even if it doesn't look Pinterest perfect. :)

  2. Your family is the kind of family I aspire to with my own. Truly.

  3. So cool that you have family parties like this. What great memories for your kids! Also......what do you think of the movie?

  4. Ice cream and Frozen sound awesome to me. You had a great idea, and made it work! This post gave me all the warm fuzzies. Love the pics of your family!