Monday, March 3, 2014

A Decade of Super Lucy

Our girl turned 10. We have had a decade of Lucy.
A girl wonder who we sometimes call Lulu.

Here's our Decade of Lucy in under five minutes.

Decade of Lucy from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed on Vimeo.

A girl who is tender and loving. 
A girl who makes us laugh.

A girl who loves to play with dolls.
A girl who plays hard with the boys.

A girl who is brave.
A girl who is silly.

A girl who is unafraid to raise her hand in class.
A girl who is unafraid to ask questions about life.
A girl who believes everyone has an "interesting back story."

A girl who wore fairy wings everyday to preschool.
A girl who still believes in fairies and magic.

A girl who plays pretend.
A girl who sees every moment as an opportunity to use her imagination, and dress up.

A girl who is a light catcher, and a light bringer.

A girl who finds adventure in nature.

A girl who loves to read and get lost and found in books.

A girl who knows how to tell a joke. 

A girl who takes care of people.

A girl we love.

A girl who we sometimes call Lulu.  
A girl who nicknamed herself Super Lucy.
A girl who is curious, engaging, brave, silly, smart, funny, loving, nurturing...indeed a Super Lucy.

A girl our makes our world brighter, funnier, warmer and all kinds of better.
Tim drew this picture of her alter ego and gave it to her on the morning she turned 10.


  1. Happy happy birthday to your girl. We all need to catch a little more light sometimes, and I'm glad your family has Super Lucy to help do that. (Also, YES. Everyone does have an interesting back story, don't they?)

  2. Happy Birthday to Lucy!
    I love the photo with the wild flowers in her hair, and the one of you two. Really, really sweet.


  3. Happy Birthday, Lucy!
    She sounds and looks amazing. And I love the drawing.
    My favorite? The picture of you two.

  4. I love Lucy. That one's going to do big, big things.

  5. Oh, this so sweet. I love the pictures of your new 10. Happy (Belated) Birthday, Super Lucy.