Thursday, March 27, 2014


I pulled into the parking lot feeling like a real winner.  Only one car here, man I must be really early to pick Peyton up from practice, I thought to myself.  I smiled and felt so proud.  My smile quickly faded when I realized I wasn't really early, I was really, really late.  There was only one car in the parking lot because the coach stayed with Peyton after practice ended, after the building closed and everyone else left.

"Oh gosh, sorry, I'm so sorry," I said to the coach.  He told me it was "no big deal."

Peyton got in the car and I could tell he didn't think it was "no big deal."

"Oh geez honey, I'm really sorry," I said.  "Can you believe I thought I was early?," I added nervously laughing, knowing he wasn't amused.

Yeah, I am THAT mom. 

The mom that is super late for practice. The mom that doesn't know whether her kid's football team is part of the maroon or the gold unit.  The mom that doesn't know the kids' names in her own kid's class.  The mom that forgets and mismanages, but is trying hard and loving big.  

I don't claim to know it all or even most of it.  But guess what?  I'm giving out advice.  That's right.  I am strongly advising mothers (and all people!)  to embrace their authenticity.  Get real, people.  If you are a mom who enjoys running the PTA event and being a classroom mom--go on with your bad self.  If you are a bit scattered, but dig a good kitchen dance and can unconditionally support and love the hell out of your family--I feel you sister, and you too should go on with your bad self.  Shout out to the spread-sheet-loving mamas who can organize like a boss--go on with your bad self.  

In this village of motherhood/parenthood/personhood, we all have roles we play, we all have something to offer.  And it's all good.  Organized, Type-A mama you are the Yin to my Yang and I need you, we need each other.  Slacker Moms, Pinterest Perfect Moms, Soccer Moms...You Be You Dude.  We are in this together.  My wish is for everyone to feel comfortable enough to be their true selves--honest and authentic, and doing the best they can to be a good, loving parent/person.   

One time I made a vlog about just this topic--Mama Love. 
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All this mom labeling and mom vs. mom was popping up a lot last month because of viral posts like this one on called The tyranny of the "bad mother": Slacker moms are just as intimidating as perfect ones.  But I like this post over on Babble better it's called "Slacker Mom" is the New "Smug Mom"--But I Say Enough with Labels.  

What say YOU?  What kind of mom are you?  Are you sick of the labels? Do you feel like you can be the real you and not worry about being judged?  Are you sick of talking about moms?

Oh hey, I'm linking up with Mama Kat's Vlogging Prompts with a throw back video--the one where I did multiple Real Housewife tag lines.  
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  1. Your kids are happy and healthy.
    I think that makes you a GREAT mom to them. :)

  2. yes! yes! yes! authenticity for the win. :)

  3. Oh jeez. I missed the boat when everyone was getting labeled. I defy them. I don't do PTA but will sell school dance tickets, am on time but never early, cook homemade and order Chinese takeout, and plan killer birthday parties only to forget the candles. I guess I am my own yin and yang?

    Love this post. You rock!