Monday, May 19, 2014

All Together

This past weekend we didn't have a whole lot we had to do. The weather was nice--it finally stopped raining and we turned off our heat.

It was the first weekend in what feels like forever that wasn't full of five million activities.  We had time to explore and breathe and be together and relax.  Life has been so hectic lately that it felt strange to be able to do whatever we wanted for one day.  Instead of feeling calm, I was riddled with anxiety.  So. stupid.  I picked fights with Tim, I worried about something bad happening to the kids, I cried about gaining weight while eating a candy bar. So stupid.

"What are we doing tomorrow?," Wade asks every day.  

"Nothing, we are just going to hang out together," I told him on Friday.

"The whole family?," he asked, his eyes wide.  "All together?"

He couldn't believe it.  His one wish was coming true...all of us together.  When you are the baby and everyone has really busy lives full of travel baseball teams, school projects, storytelling shows, work stuff and big kid stuff and grown up stuff, all you dream of is everyone hanging out at home together.

And everyone coming to your T-ball game to cheer you on.

Running for home.  So determined.  So happy.

Lucy wasn't really cheering him on, but she was at the game and that counts for something.

Making a four-year-old's dream come true is really pretty simple, and I love that.  I stopped picking fights.  I stopped worrying.  I started relaxing and appreciating.  

Another awesome thing about being four is that you don't really have to wear pants if you don't want to.


  1. We've been buried under activities, too. Even if we're all together, we've been running somewhere. It's nice to just be a family sometimes.

  2. I love him with the big ol jersey on, and running to home! And man....NONE of my kids wear pants. :)

  3. I love when togetherness happens with no one needing to be somewhere. Pants are optional around here too :)