Friday, May 16, 2014

THE Bike & What I Know For Sure

Yeah, Wade's riding his bike in his PJ's and his PJ top is on backwards and inside out. Mmm-hmmm, that's our totally normal.

My mother-in-law bought Peyton a bike seven years ago. He rode up and down the sidewalk in front of our house on that red bike.  When Lucy was old enough for training wheels we spray painted the bike purple.  JT rode the bike too (he kept it purple).  Now it's Wade's turn for THE bike.  This past weekend Wade picked out a new color to spray paint the bike--Army green.  After the paint dried and the training wheels were put back on, he went for a ride. He wobbled at first, struggled with the idea of braking and turning.  But after a just a few times up and down the sidewalk, he was pretty good.

Ready or not, here Wade comes.  He is on the THE bike and there ain't no stopping him now.  Up and down the sidewalk, around the corner, even up a few hills.  I'm all kinds of happy and sad and there goes my baby and put on a helmet and where did the time go?!  No matter how I feel, Wade is ready for this new phase, this rite of passage, this passing of the bike.  It makes me so happy to see him so happy and proud, I know that for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • My babies aren't babies anymore.  This was my annual Mother's Day picture with all of my kids and holy shit, it just kind of shocked me how big everyone looks.

  • I love Ellen.  One of my favorite parts of her show is when she gives people money. I cry almost every time.  Here's a montage that just makes me happy.

  • Other parents can be annoying.  I'm tackling the hard topic of some parents driving me crazy at our children's school events in this week's vlog.  Check it out in case you missed it.

  • Spring has sprung and I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it.  Now bring on summer.
Wade calls these "popcorn trees" and I never thought of that before, but totally right?
My favorite part of spring is the lilac bush in my front yard.  When I brought this handful of lilacs inside last night, the whole front of the house smelled lilac-y and wonderful.

  • I want more people to feel comfortable talking about miscarriage.  That's why I wrote about my experience over on What To  To read it, click here.

  • I wish everyone happiness, no matter what we are celebrating/honoring.   On my way to a wedding reception last night and the card store (otherwise known as Walgreen's) was out of wedding cards, so I bought a graduation card.  That's okay right?

  • The Golden Girls were ahead of their time.  Yeah, The Golden Girls.   I used to love watching The Golden Girls on Saturday nights when my mom was out at the bar or I was babysitting.  The other day I happened to catch an episode and laughed out loud several times.  It's still pretty funny.  And then Sophia explained gay marriage and it was perfect. All the way back in 1991 those ladies were telling everyone how it should be, I love it.  Preach Sophia, preach. Check it out:

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  1. I love a bike that everyone's ridden on, that is awesome.

  2. The Golden Girls were my favorites, too. I totally wanted to be Dorothy when I got old.

  3. Mmmm...lilacs. I love the smell of lilacs almost as much as peonies. Mmmm...peonies. Go, Wade, GO! I have never thought to spray paint a bike. We totally should, though....the girls are riding blue bikes with, like, crocodiles on them. We "prettied" them up with flowery baskets and streamers. But do they care? Heck, no!