Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alone Time

I spent the weekend alone. Totally alone, well except for my dog, Cosi.

There's this scene in the movie The Diving Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood where Ashely Judd's character loses it and leaves her family to go to a hotel. Once she's there she sleeps and sleeps and smokes and drinks and watches the ocean. She's in a fog, a daze. There's a scene where she is standing in front of a mirror staring at her reflection as if she doesn't recognize the person she sees in the mirror. I think about that scene sometimes.

I was always an alone kind of person. In college I had my own dorm room freshman year. After college, I happily lived in a tiny apartment alone. I used to travel alone. I appreciated the value of alone.

Source: Oprah.com Preach Oprah!

Now, I am never alone. Ever.  And that's mostly wonderful.  I love having a big family.  I love when we are all together.  But sometimes, I forget who I am.  And a lot of times, I'm exhausted.

This past weekend, Tim took the kids up to his parents' cottage so I could have some alone time, some "me time."  It felt beyond good.  I embraced the quiet and the freedom to do whatever I wanted.  

I read two chapters of a book.  I did not post once to Facebook.  I painted my toenails.  I went for a run.  I stopped at a garage sale.  I biked everywhere and didn't get in my car once.  I watched Erin Brockovich and had a completely new appreciation for the whole damn story, and Julia Roberts.  I drank wine at 2 in the afternoon because I could.  I watched a Tori and Dean marathon on Lifetime and yeah, I cried for them once (so sad).  I sat outside and looked at the sky.  I took the dog for a nature hike. I ate outside. I made a craft.  I only did one load of laundry.  I slept for 11 hours on Saturday night.  Eleven hours straight through!  I woke up on Sunday feeling amazing...well-rested possibly for the first time in 12 years.

I documented my weekend on Instagram.
I didn't get out of bed until 9:30 & now I'm eating the first omelet I've ever made outside in the sunshine. Alone. Tim took the kids to my in-laws' cottage for the weekend. Two days by myself--a belated Mother's Day gift.

So, now I'm drinking wine, looking through old magazines before I recycle them & listening to the Moth Story Hour. Alone. Ahhhhh! This is so awesome. #metime
I'm not totally alone this wknd. Cosi is here. After 24 hrs, just my dog & me, I have to apologize. I'm sorry for making fun of people who talk about their dogs like they are friends or for dressing their dogs up.  I'm really digging my dog and I am this close to making a Pinterest-inspired headband for her.  Also, I slept for 11 hours last night, what?!?! #metime
So grateful to live close enough to the store that I can walk or bike there.  Wonder if I can bike home w/a hanging plant? #metime #kidfreeweekend
On my way home from the store, I stopped at my neighbor's garage sale and bought this amazing bright orange suitcase for a dollar. I LOVE it. #metime #kidfreeweekend
Enjoying my last dinner for one (and a Corona). Just got the call, Tim is coming home tonight instead of tomorrow morning. It's been real. I recommend a little solitude to all you busy moms (and dads). My mind feels clear and my hear feels grateful. #metime #kidfreeweekend

This weekend was about being quiet, catching my breath, taking care of myself, remembering who I am and how much I love my crazy,loud family.

They're baaaaack. And it makes me pretty darn happy.  #frontporchchronicles #ilovemyfamily
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  1. I just exhaled for you. How lovely that you got the time to just be you for a few moments. <3

  2. Alone time is the best. It's needed. It's awesome. Glad you got some!

  3. Ah. This is lovely. I lived alone a lot in college and before getting married too. I am a very "alone" person, and I can always tell when it's past due for me to be absolutely alone again. I'm so happy you got those couple days to just breathe.

  4. I miss alone time. I get it maybe once a year in the summer. I'm living vicariously through you. LOVE that suitcase and all of your pictures and captions. And I was inspired to choose my major in college based solely on Erin Brockovich.