Friday, June 12, 2015

Sparklers Forever and What I Know For Sure

When I was a kid I watched an episode of the Brady Bunch that stuck with me. I mean a lot of those episodes stuck with me and I can recall most of them rather quickly. But one episode that I thought of every year around my birthday was the episode when Alice made Peter Brady a cake with sparklers. Sparklers! I always wanted a cake with sparklers. I never got a cake with sparklers.  I am not sure I ever told anyone that I wanted it.  Last year when I turned 40, I finally got that cake with sparklers because I made the cake, bought the sparklers and had my family gather around and celebrate me.

It was all sort of symbolic for finding my voice, telling the world what I wanted and taking charge and making it happen. Boosh.

But yesterday I decided it didn't have to be a special because you are 40 milestone type of one time only sparklers on your cake. Yesterday I decided I shall put sparklers on my birthday cakes every birthday for the rest of my life.  

Because sparklers remind me to find my voice, tell the world and take charge throughout the year. Because I love sparklers and because I want to celebrate life, I know that for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure right now:
  • Love is your husband using layaway to get the expensive fancy camera you've wanted for forever.  And him saying he got it because "you need to be creative." As Oprah would say I think he totally "sees me."

  • Let's here it for Dads. It's almost Father's Day and I LOVE, like really really LOVE, this commercial from Omaha Steaks.  It.Is.So.Good.

(Click here to watch the video.)

  • Time is just crazy. Today is Lucy's last day of elementary school. It went so fast. Waaaa. But so proud and it's so cute and she's turning into such a cool tween/teen. But still waaaaa.

  • I am obsessed with the NBA Finals. The games have been so good. The stories, the players, the's all good. I haven't watched the NBA in a decade, but I am LOVING these finals.

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  1. That dad video IS good. And time IS going too fast. Sigh.

  2. That dad video IS good. And time IS going too fast. Sigh.