Friday, June 19, 2015

The Best Man/Father

When I met Tim I knew he'd be a good father. I watched him with my little brother when we were dating. I knew he'd be attentive and playful and loving.  At least I mean I could picture what it might look like if we ever had kids.  But I really had no idea until we actually had kids what Tim would be like as a father. And I really had no way of picturing the father he has become or the man, he has exceeded any expectations I had all those years ago.

Tim is old school.  He is the kind of dad that does everything he can for his kids. He works hard to give them a good life. If they need something extra or try out for a sports team that costs extra, Tim works harder. For example, he works summer school in his district to help pay for travel baseball teams for the boys.  

He is never late to anything. He strongly believes in commitment, respect and loyalty to school work and teachers, teammates and coaches, and each member of our family.  Tim comes from a family that mostly still lives in the area, has Fourth of July picnics and Christmas parties at Lions' Club banquet halls, that kisses hello and good-bye every time they see each other, and that respects their elders in a way that you see in movies and old TV shows.

Three generations of Youngbloods.

He loves football and Led Zepplin and cheeseburgers and his family.

Tim is also surprisingly not so typically old-school.  He married me for one thing, a liberal, emotional, always running late, scattered, noncommittal mess. He says I "keep life interesting."  He also says I give him insight into what it's like to have a "brain that's full of color."  Um, which means Tim is compassionate and patient and loving.  And he's carried all of this into fatherhood.  He gets that some of our kids got a little of my wiring and he is just as compassionate, patient and loving with them as he is with me.  

I joke around that he truly sees me like Oprah says all people want to be seen, but it's really no joke. He truly sees me and loves me.  He sees our children and loves them. Tim is the kind of dad that shows us all what unconditional love is.

Tim is the kind of dad that gives up drinking because he knows the genetic land mine we're passing onto our children. He wasn't an alcoholic, but he said he saw patterns he didn't like in himself and wanted to give our kids a different example. 

He not only gives all his goodness to us, he gives a hundred percent to the students at his high school and the kids he coaches. He cares about them and believes in them and roots for them. He mentors young men who need a second or third chance in life. 

Tim is the best parts of old school combined with open-minded compassion.  He supports, encourages, challenges, uplifts and loves. He reads stories, draws pictures, plays games, listens to daydreams, helps with homework, believes in second and third chances.  

He is undconditional love. He is the glue to our family and the best man I've ever known.  


  1. I just adore this. You got a good one. :) Happy Father's Day to Tim!

  2. Aw. Your family is the best. (Also, headfirst sliding down a slide is a pretty fun dad.)