Monday, November 16, 2015

Cursing Kindergartners

The past week has been a little intense.  After Peyton's dramatic injury during the football game, emergency surgery and hospital stay we were all exhausted. When he came home, we were happy he was home but it was also a week still filled with worry and juggling work and schedules and helping him get around on his crutches and trying to get back into a groove and wrapping our heads around feeling so vulnerable and being positive and ahhhhh. Things were bound to fall through some cracks, things were bound to be forgotten...that's just what happens in a big family when one of us gets injured.  But no one was prepared for what happened on Saturday night.

The whole family sat down to watch a movie. Tim chose a movie that I didn't think was appropriate for Wade, but I was too tired to say anything so we started watching Jurassic World. Some of us screamed as the giant dinosaurs moved in for the kill. Some of us covered our eyes. One of us said "Oh f@*%."  

"What did you just say?!," Tim asked after he paused the movie.  
He was looking at Wade. Yeah, Wade, the kindergartner, the baby of the family, the smallest human in our house. Wade who sat there with eyes that were wide with surprise like he couldn't believe he had said it either. He looked like he was holding his breath, waiting for the moment to be over.

Tim was horrified that his baby had said f@*%. Tim is a guy that hates swearing and simply doesn't do it. In the almost 18 years that I have known him I can count on both hands the number of times I've heard him swear. Me on the other hand? Um, I love it. I especially love to say or type f@*%. But I never do it around the kids, ever. Or at least I never do when life is normal and not crazy and one of us is injured.

"Where did you hear a word like that?," Tim asked Wade who was still sitting with his eyes open wide.

I held my breath and my eyes got wide. I waited for Wade to say "I heard it from mom."

It seemed like a long silence and then JT said "he heard it from some kids we were playing with." 

Phew. Not from me. I was both relieved at the source and amused that Wade knew the appropriate time to use f@*%, when a giant dinosaur is chasing someone.

Tim went on about how "its the worst curse word" and how Wade should "never ever say that word, ever."  I nodded, hiding my smirk behind the blanket I pulled up to cover my mouth.

Even though I was slightly amused, I was a tad worried that my cursing kindergartner was crying out for help and attention during a week that has been so crazy and emotionally charged.  I worried that he felt forgotten and was going to be saying f@*% at school and turn into a troubled kid who didn't care about anything or anybody. Ahhhhhh!

We only made it about half-way through the movie until Wade was crying, not because he was scared but because the people were shooting the dinosaurs.  Awwww, he cares, he's still nice. Phew.

I took Wade into the other room to watch something else while the big kids and Tim finished Jurassic World. I was snuggled in close with my sweet baby feeling better about everything. I mean sure things fall through the cracks but it's just a temporary crazy, emotionally charged time. We'll get back to our routines and our non-cursing normal.  

"Mom, you forgot to feed me dinner," Wade whispered in my ear.

"F@*%," I thought. I THOUGHT it but I didn't say it, that's progress.

Awww, of course this boy is still sweet. And so cute!
We all went to Lucy's basketball game on Sunday night and the little boys got asked to fill in for another game. It felt almost like a normal night for our family for the first time in a while. It felt good.

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