Monday, November 23, 2015

Not Breaking My Stride

Yesterday I was running down the street in fancy-ish clothes and high heels dodging ice patches and piles of snow. Several cars stopped and people asked if I needed a ride. I didn't break stride and I told them "Oh no thank you, I've got this," I said breathing heavily and smiling. "It actually feels pretty refreshing."

I was running out of the fancy football banquet to get to the minivan that Tim refused to valet because duh it costs money so he parked it across the street down a little way in front of the library. (He had to leave in a different car earlier to get to the next kid event that he was coaching.) I was running because I left the two little boys with the older brother in the wheelchair and didn't want them to have to wait too long. I was running because we were late for their sister's basketball game. I was running because ahhhh!!!!! life is hectic and crazy and packed and I'm not the most together person and raising kids is intense and I want everyone to be happy and god dammit I am doing the best I can.

Life has been a little stressful the past couple weeks, but this kid has been amazing. And he has been incredibly patient with my lack of together-ness and all my hovering.

Running down the street in high heels smiling and waving to all the together-looking families driving off very together from their much, much better parking spots at the fancy football banquet is the perfect metaphor for my life. I may look ridiculous, and oh holy shit I looked ridiculous, but I'm doing everything I can to give my kids a good life. I'm hustling hard, running as fast as I can, loving big, feeling it all, not breaking stride even when I am unsure and making mistakes. I'm not one of those people that gets the good parking spaces or looks very together, ever. And I'm cool with that. Running down the street in my high heels dodging snow piles was indeed sort of refreshing, until I had no choice but to step through a foot of snow to get to the minivan. That wasn't refreshing, but it was hilarious.

So much of this life is pretty ridiculous and hilarious. And even when it's not, you better believe I'm going to keep running and messing up and making up and loving big and feeling it all and doing the very best I can. Just like that kick-ass song from the 1980s says, "nothing's going to break-a my stride...I got to keep on moving." And I got to keep on remembering to laugh at myself and maybe spring for the valet every now and then.

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  1. You always paint a picture, my friend. :)

  2. You always paint a picture, my friend. :)

  3. You know what you have, though? You're always smiling, so I always THINK you're looking spectacular and together. Keep on doing what you're doing, friend!