Friday, November 6, 2015

Old Friends and What I Know For Sure

Last night I sat at a table with two women I've known more than 30 years. Two women I knew when we were girls. Back then we went to sleepovers at each other's houses and talked all night long about the boys we liked and the dreams we had about our lives and probably a little bit about our mothers.  Last night we talked about hormone levels and pre-menopausal symptoms, the men we love, our dreams for our lives and a little bit about our mothers. Some things have changed over the years, some things haven't.  

It felt really good to be laughing and talking with these women. We share so much history but we haven't gotten stuck in it. The three of us were always different in school and now we have very different lives as grown women, and it's all good. We respect each other, support each other and like each other (who we were then and who we are now).  

Even though we live in the same town, we only get together for these dinners once or twice a year because, well, life.  But I'm so glad we do.  It feels good to know them and be connected to our history our growing up years and each other.

It did feel a little surreal because I now have children older than we were when we met each other. My children are making their own friendships, staying up and talking all night about who they like and their dreams.  I hope they keep some of these friends forever because I know for sure that they are some of the most precious relationships around.

Here's What Else I Know For Sure:

  • My kid turned 14 and it's kind of nuts. I mean 14, that sounds so high school-y and grown up-ish. I had done so much by 14, so many bad things. Waaaaa! (totally different blog post someday, lol) 

So psyched it was warm enough this week to eat cake and celebrate 14 years on the front porch.

This kid is something special. I love him so much.
  • The busy weekends are still kicking my ass, but I love watching all my kids doing all their things.

  • All I want for Christmas is a karaoke machine. Seriously. Last week at a Halloween party I rocked out a few songs so hard my wig fell off. I loved it!!!!!!
  • I have a serious addiction to my iphone. Not just social media, but the access to all information at any time. While I was serving jury duty this past week, I had to be iphoneless for eight hours. And it was hard. 
  • Youngblood is a really, really good football name. No matter how I feel about the game itself, the name is awesome.

  • This is my jam this week. It's not new but it's not that old at all. It's from Florence + The Machine. LOOOOOVe it.

  (Click here to watch the video 
and maybe dance in your kitchen to it.)

What do YOU know for sure this week? Tell me here or over on my Facebook page.


  1. Trying to think about what I know for SURE this week... Hmmm, that even when you feel like you're just treading water, sometimes you are able to turn your face to the sun and feel pretty good about it.

  2. So true on that last name!

    What do I know for sure?
    Trying to wear something that just doesn't fit right will bring me down every time.
    My kids can do more than I sometimes think they can.