Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Not to brag or anything, but over the years, my sister and I have sort of figured out Thanksgiving. Yeah, we know exactly how to do it right.  Sure it took a few years (well, like 20) to figure it out, but we've got it. For so many years we had super high expectations, and kept inviting our mother. A couple of years ago however, we decided to set the bar super low, my sister would host, we would have her husband cook and my husband play with all the kids and watch football, we may or may not go shopping on Friday and we didn't invite our mother (I'm not really a jerk, it's a long story and a lesson in good boundary setting, it's really a good thing, I promise).  Boosh! Thanksgiving bliss.

But then my kid goes and breaks his leg in a super dramatic way during a football game and our amazingingly perfect Thanksgiving plan went out the window. My sister lives in Kentucky and Peyton couldn't travel with his braced leg and wheelchair and ahhhhh.

Luckily, my sister and I are used to holidays being disrupted by family members so we went to a Plan B. They came to my house, her husband still cooked (and they even brought groceries!), my husband organized the football games, there was a little shopping done and a whole lot of togetherness. 

If it's one thing we have learned over the last 40 years it's that you can't let a family member ruin Thanksgiving, you have to roll with it. And it helps to have great husbands.

I got out my fancy-ish, not-so-new camera and took a few shots of our Thanksgiving bliss...

This weekend can maybe be summed up in three words pie, electronics and football.

Pie!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

The girls had so much fun with the app Seriously so fun, but they didn't want me to post any of their videos.  Look at my sister all impressed with their skills.

Playing electronics while watching football.
 Ahhhhhmazing (to the boys.

There was a little father daughter bonding too. :)

Football outside!

Dirty elbows, a sign of a good time.

Dirty knees too.

Football again.

Time for turkey.

Almost all the kids are happy before dinner.

Pie and a random All American right?

Black Friday
The girls loved baking and we loved eating what they baked.
It was a real win-win.

Oh my god, what is that? A puzzle and not an electronic device? Why yes it is. Happy to report the kids had fun doing a good old-fashioned puzzle.

football outside

football inside

Lots of snuggling while watching football.

And of course there was a little kitchen dancing too...

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  1. This whole post makes me happy. I'm glad for all of you that you and your sister found a way to make the holiday work for you. Also, your pies look amazing. Drool.

  2. It was a pretty good weekend! and the pies? Those are all my brother-in-law! :)