Friday, February 26, 2016

Snow Days! And What I Know For Sure

I know for sure that snow days are amazing. The end. I mean I really could end right there, but I won't. When I got my job in the preschool last September part of the appeal was that when my older kids had days off school, so did I. Which is a really big deal as a working parent. It was such a perk. Another perk was that I would get to share in all the excitement of snow days. Except, um, thanks to El Nino or global warming or well, I can't think about it too much because I get anxious about it...anyway, it's been an incredibly mild winter here in southeast Michigan.   But this week as people were putting away their snow pants and shovels, a snowstorm hit the area. Woot! Woot! AND WE HAD A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a Saturday on a Thursday. It was sleeping in and having breakfast at 10. It was asking the kids "hey what do you want to do today?" It was board games and movies.  It was snowball fights and hot cocoa. It was playing pretend in the back yard. It was sledding hills and skiing. It was no school and no work and no games and no practices and no commitments. It was awesome.

Today it's back to work and you know what? It's totally okay because it's FRIDAY!!!!!! I know for sure that I love snow days (and being outside and enjoying nothing to do and being with my kids and not worrying about homework and being places on time and freedom!).

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • Stretching is important, especially as we, I, get older. Ahhhhh. I feel like I have to stretch before I do anything these days or I will pull something. No joke. 

  • I'm watching the Oscars. I may have only seen one Oscar nominated movie and I may have real issues with the Oscars in general, BUT I plan on watching the show on Sunday. Are you?

  • It's going to be an amazing Listen to Your Mother Show in Detroit on May 1. We held auditions last week and will be making the cast announcement very soon. If you want to buy tickets, click here.

  • The election is crazy. I have a lot to say about a lot of it. But for now I will say this, I'm with her. Here's my vintage Hillary shirt from the 2008 campaign.

  • The story of the Dancing Starbucks Barista gives me hope. Saw them on Ellen and cried happy tears. Check it out.

  (Click here to watch.)

What do YOU know for sure right now? Tell me!

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