Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Not So Terrible Teens

Last week was full of  chaos. I mean every week is, but this was more and it felt even harder because Tim and I were both sick. I mean siiiiiiiick. By Friday thankfully we felt better, shaky, but better. 

Tim left town with the little boys. He took Wade and JT on a bus with his high school basketball team to the other side of the state for a tournament. The boys were so excited. They loved hanging out with the older boys and have become the official water boys for the team.

They also loved the pool and the hot tub at the hotel.

Tim kept sending me text messages about how impressed he was with the kids from his high school. How they were looking out for JT and Wade, laughing with them, playing basketball with them, watching their language around them, making time for them and being so nice to them.  

Speaking of being surprised by teenager type people, back at home I was hanging with Lucy and Peyton and we were having a pretty good time. It wasn't total smooth sailing however. There were mood swings and misunderstandings and a few breath noises and eye rolls (from all of us). But there was also lots of pizza, movies that are so not appropriate for Wade and JT (like Pitch Perfect 2), talks about politics and social media and more.

Selfie with the tween and teen. Awwww. I think Peyton is saying I'm the number one parent. Right? Take that Tim. lol.

I miss when my kids were little. I LOVED those days. But here's the thing, teenagers can be fun and interesting and kind. Teens and tweens get a bad rap, much like two-year-olds get slapped with the whole "terrible" label. With both age groups there are so many exhausting worrisome "terrible" stuff, but there's also so much good. And when it's good, it's funny and heartwarming and awesome. 

I am going to come back and reread this post next week when I'm "so over" parenting older kids. It's hard to remember the good when it's all eye rolling and tough choices and never knowing if I'm  parenting the "right" way. Ahhhhhh. But I do want to reread this and remember and acknowledge and appreciate the good moments. And I want to create more opportunities for my teenagers to show their goodness, and for me to see it in others like Tim's basketball players being so kind to Wade and JT. 

Now go hug a teenager. Or if they push you away and look at you weird like Lucy did to me this morning when I tried to hug her, just maybe say something good about them. Put that positivity out in the universe. 

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