Friday, July 29, 2011

The nutty inmates are taking over

My kids are nuts and me and my house may not make it out of the summer in tact.

Clothes seem optional at our house during the summer.

That seems to be a source of great joy for my kids....especially the baby Wade.  Nothing says home and happiness to Wade like being naked.

Maybe it is living in a colder climate or maybe they are just nuts.

My kids also have a blast with our backyard pool---a toddler pool filled with ice cold water from the hose.  Of course the older ones find new scary, dangerous ways to make a toddler pool fun like jumping off the top of the slide.  But still it provides hours of entertainment.

Even with the toddler pool their love of violence comes out.  I found the pool flipped on its side with a stash of nuts to use with their slingshot and their famous bb gun.  
Not sure if they were waiting for me to come out and then go on the attack or what!

And on a rainy, muggy day my kids find ways to have fun half-naked.  When the base paths in our backyard get muddy the kids go running.  A mud fight ensues.  Or mud pies.  Or they play king of the base while they push each other into the mud puddles.

They always seem to make their own fun.  
Today as I was bedridden with a stomach bug those nutty kids found cans of spray paint and did their best to express themselves in our backyard. 

Luckily the little graffiti artists didn't get to the house before I came outside to check on them.

And luckily I don't get too uptight about this stuff.

I am sharing the stories of my kids being nuts to help other moms.  Help them feel better about themselves when their kids make a mess or do some things they maybe shouldn't have.  Now you can say "well at least they aren't as nuts as those Youngblood kids."  

So now what?  I feel like if school started next week my kids would feel happy and satisfied.  But there is a whole month left of summer vacation.  And my kids are getting nuttier with each day.  They are beating me down.  

Don't get me wrong, they are cute and I love them.  I just feel like the tide of summer is turning and the nutty inmates are taking over, if you know what I mean.  

August is going to be an interesting ride.  I apologize in advance to my neighbors for anything that may get broken or damaged.   And don't worry we have confiscated the spray paint cans.

When all else fails...if swimming, bike riding, tag and all the rest hasn't worn those little critters top it off we like a little Wii Just Dance 2 right before bed.  It almost always does the trick!  And it is always good for a laugh.

It's wickety wickety wack.

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