Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pole dancing at the park

I heard things today that I never thought I would hear.  At the park with my children of course.

"When I grow up I want to be a pole dancer," my daughter says.  That's right, a pole dancer.

You may wonder where the hell she got an idea like that.  Me too.

I stood there staring in disbelief, smiling at the other mothers at the playground, my isn't she cute, kids say the darnedest things smile.  The mothers smile back with a nod, I am sure thinking "geez, society, really!"

"My dear Lucy, wherever did you get an idea like that," I ask with the smile glued on my face.

"From you," she says.  

I break into my you've got to be kidding me chuckle  and turn to show that desperate smile to the other moms.  But they have gathered up their little girls and taken them to the other side of the playground, working hard not to make eye contact with me.  I am sure they are thinking "geez, what a horrible, god-awful mother, really!"

"When you let us watch that show on tv," adds Lucy.

Me?  The mom who is so strict about what my kids watch.  How could I have shown them a show with pole dancing women?  I wrack my brain trying to think how this could have happened.

Then I hear two of my sons say "Watch my pole dance."  
What the hell is going on?

"Just like that guy on America's Got Talent," says Peyton, finally clearing up where they got the pole dancing inspiration.

Yes, I thought they would get a kick out of the revamped, modernized Star Search.  Little did I know it would inspire unorthodox careers.  (This year on the show there is a contestant that does an amazing pole dance with no stripping involved of course.)

Maybe I should show them those old videos of Solid Gold, at least there is no pole dancing.

I distract my children at the park with monkey bars and trees to climb.  

This picture makes me laugh.  Looks like an album cover.  Yup I said album.

Thinking the worst is over, I relax a bit.  As I chase Wade around I hear, "that's okay everyone has nipples."  And that's right, it was one of my kids. 

I skip the smile to the other moms, gather my kids up and head home.


  1. Hey, that does look like a good album cover. And yes, I remember albums too. In fact, I have a huge box of them upstairs in our game room. We still play them because nothing beats the wonderful sound of vinyl records.

  2. So lucky you kept all the records Julie! Wish I had all my old ones.

  3. Brought yet another smile to my face followed by laughter! Nipples we all have them.

  4. Courtney, thanks for reading!!! And laughing!!!! Miss you and hope you are doing well.