Friday, July 1, 2011

Recharging my Batteries

The baby, Wade, just started a fun phase. Temper tantrums.  He flails his body on the ground, screams and cries.  I vaguely remember these with the older kids.  I think our brains block out fun phases like they block out how horrible pregnancy is and how painful labor is.

Today was very full.  The weather was finally summery and hot.  We had playdates, bike rides, sprinkler/hose fun and more.  And we had our first summer trip to the emergency room.

Lucy + trampoline = severely sprained ankle.  The hospital gave her a gel cast, which was much better than the thing we rigged up. (It was held together with duct tape.)

In the middle of all of this, Wade was often found wailing or whimpering in a corner.

You would think after four kids I would know what to do or I would have tricks of the trade, but nope, not me.  When I was pregnant with Wade and trying to figure out if I was in labor and berating myself for not knowing what that felt like, I took comfort from TLC.  I was flipping channels and happened upon that show where the couple from Arkansas has 25 kids or something insane like that.  Anyway, they were showing a scene where she was pregnant and not sure if she was in labor or not.  Even after 25 kids!

Not knowing what to do with Wade's fits, I opened up my old trusty "What To Expect the Toddler Years"(which I bought 10 years ago and haven't really looked at since) and read about tantrums.  The advice wasn't groundbreaking and I pretty much was doing everything the "right way" already.  The book gave some insight into why toddlers have tantrums like they feel a lack of control over their lives and their emotions, they need to release frustration and may have a genetic predisposition.  Hmmmmmm.

As the day went on, it got hotter and hotter.  By dinner I was melting and realized the air conditioner wasn't working.  I slid to the floor, buried my head into the kitchen cabinets and started wailing "why god, why?"

My kids looked annoyed with me.  Except for Wade, who just sat down next to me crying and looked at me like "now you get it lady, we have no control!" Waaaaaaaaa!

My husband Tim, shook his head and changed the dead batteries in the thermostat controller thingy.  And presto, the cool air started blasting out of the vents again.

Looks like the controller thingy isn't the only thing that needs to have their batteries recharged.

I need to rest up because the book also said basically you could just have a demanding, crying toddler who turns into a demanding, crying kid.  Waaaaaaaaa!

Don't mean to sound like I am complaining, just trying to keep it real.  I think it helps.


  1. Maybe we could wail together??! Parenting/Misery loves company, right?!

  2. p.s. Sorry to hear about Lucy's ankle...if it isn't the stupid icy driveways (6 months after my fall, I still can't wear all my regular shoes, ugh!), it's those tricky trampolines! Note to self: avoid trampolines this summer.