Monday, November 12, 2012

I'd Rather Dance Than Sit

Last week I went to a Madonna concert.  I actually just recovered from the Madonna concert (four days later).  I'm not as young as I used to be.   And neither is Madonna's audience, we're all aging except Madonna.  But getting old doesn't mean we have to turn into grumpy middle age/old ladies.

Yeah, that's right, my pal Steph and I wrote MDNA (Madonna's latest album) on our fingers with permanent marker.

I was shocked with how many people I saw that seemed grumpy at the concert.  I was also surprised at how many people sat during the show.  Just sat, not dancing in their seat, just sitting.  It is something I will never in all my life understand.  I saw it happen once at a Tina Turner concert, those sitting, non-dancing, non-standing people.  Maybe it's because most of the audience was getting old and tired. Waaaah.

After the rocking concert, we got in a shuttle to head back to our hotel.

"Well, I didn't appreciate her getting political," said the advanced middle aged woman clutching her purse and frowning.  "No, that was unnecessary."

"I know, I totally agree," replied another close to middle aged woman (her daughter) with her arms crossed.  "I wish she would've played Borderline."

What? I said, I said, What?  Sorry to go all FogHorn Leghorn on you, but seriously, What?

Did this mother/daughter angry dynamic duo know what concert they were attending ahead of time?  Or did someone gift these ungrateful women tickets to surprise them?

Madonna is all about being political, pushing buttons and not singing Borderline.  Did these two soft-spoken, yet easily annoyed suburban women think they were going to a Kid Rock, Mitt Romney inspired concert?
Oh no she didn't. Here's Madonna with Obama T-shirts for her encore number.

Madonna is about expressing herself (yeah there's a song about it, c'mon girls you believe in love..."),evolving, developing new music and new styles.  

The ladies in the van weren't the only unhappy people at the concert.  Some of those seat sitters booed Madonna when she expressed her happiness over Barack Obama winning the election. 

"Hey, my dad's in the audience tonight, don't boo," Madonna appealed to the crowd of thousands.  "He voted for someone different that I did and he didn't boo me when I walked into the house."

I think it's funny (cute even?) that her dad came to the show, just like in Truth or Dare.  Remember? She said she wasn't going to change some of the more controversial (masturbation simulation on stage) scenes and he got uncomfortable?

So here we are in 2012 and Madge is still talking about her dad, she's still putting on an amazing show with new music and kick ass revamps of her old songs.  And I still want to be her when I grow up.

I want to get old like Madonna.  

Getting older doesn't mean you have to become a seat sitter.  Getting older doesn't mean you have to boo people that don't agree with you.  Um, if I went to a Kid Rock concert I wouldn't boo him when he expressed disappointment with the election, eye roll yeah, maybe, but no booing and I would still dance. Do people dance at Kid Rock concerts?

I vow never to be a seat sitting, non-dancing, judgement-making, grumpy tired concert goer.

Here's what else I learned from Madonna:

  • I'd rather dance than sit.
  • I'd rather say too much than not enough.
  • I'd rather take a risk and totally f*ck up rather than wonder what if and/or have regrets.
  • I am totally working out, a lot.  Madonna's body is amazing.
  • I'd rather ride my emotional roller coaster than feel nothing.
  • I like being fully engaged and not living on the sidelines of my life.
  • I won't apologize for dancing, saying too much, risking a lot, riding the emotional roller coaster and not living on the sidelines. 
My favorite new T-shirt from the concert--Girl Gone Wild. 

"Rock out like you get paid to disturb the peace." This is my new mantra.  Hell yeah. You MUST watch the video below and replay it anytime you need to be pumped up  Seriously.  I LOVE it.  

Rock out with your bad self and don't apologize.  And don't ever think you are too old.

Thank you to all of you that voted on my outfit.  I went with the most voted for # 1 and paired it with the side pony from look # 2.  


  1. Julie and I were saying the EXACT SAME THING while we were walking out of the concert. Madonna is not new to the go to see Madonna (and pay A LOT to see her), you should know what you're getting into! Why complain about it the whole time?!?

    I really wish we could have danced, but we sat. We were literally at the VERY top of the stadium, and the seats were super steep. Scary steep. If I ever get to see her again, I'm shelling out the dough to get down closer and really enjoy myself. AND DANCE!

    I love this post. I couldn't have said it better.

    1. Oh Greta! We do have to hang out. I so hope I can make it to Blissdom. I've lost Facebook likes and blog followers over my love of Madonna. It is so nice to read your comment!!!!!

      I totally understand the no dancing because of safety guys are exempt from the whole "why the heck are you sitting issue."