Thursday, November 15, 2012

Number Stories

I hate numbers.  Math sucks.  Okay, wait, I suck at math and numbers hate me.

"There's nothing I can do for you anymore," a renowned Algebra teacher, at least in my small high school, said to me taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes in disgust/exhaustion.

Speechless, I returned to my seat and looked down at my paper full of all those god damn numbers that didn't make any sense to me.  

Stories make sense to me.  Numbers that tell a story make sense to me.

Here are some of my number stories (there was math done to compile these stories and yeah it may be wrong):

38 --number of years I've been alive (last year on my birthday I forgot and thought I was turning 39, what a gift--another year!)

11-- number of times I moved before I was 18 (most of the moves were in the same town, just a different house).

4 1/2-- number of years it took me to graduate from college.

12--number of years I've been married.

4--number of months I knew my husband before I sublet my apartment, quit my job and moved two states away to be with him.

1,080--number of days I've been pregnant since I got married.

4--number of healthy children we are blessed with.
We didn't have a family picture for the church bulletin board so my creative husband drew one.  I think he should pick up part time work as a caricature artist. Right?

4--number of children my husband and I dreamed of having when we were dating.

11--age of my oldest child. Holy shit, I can't even believe that number.  The math must be wrong there.

3--age of my baby.
There's my baby. Oh my god, he's so not a baby anymore.

526--number of times I called The Oprah Winfrey Show ticket hot line and redialed and redialed and...

0--number of times I got tickets to be in the audience of the fabulous Miss O's show.

1--number of marathons I've run.

3--number of half-marathons I've run.

28--number of coffee cups/mugs in my cabinet.

2--number of actual cups/mugs in my cabinet I use for coffee everyday. It is usually the same two cups/mugs everyday.

1 1/2--number of years I've had my blog.

5--days a week I put up a new blog post, Monday through Friday.

392--posts I've written since I started blogging.

5,672--number of Lego's we have in our house.
My kids don't just play with their Lego's, they try to cover the entire floor with them.

22--number of times I say "stop hitting your brother" every day.

7--number of nights I go to bed completely, unbelievably exhausted.

5--average number of hours of sleep I get at night, um hence the whole always exhausted thing.

1--number of my children that have Celiac disease and have to eat a gluten free diet or be very sick.

6--number of people that eat gluten free food at our house. Yeah, that's all of us.  It's all for one and one for all around here.

3--average number of loads of laundry I do everyday. 

2--number of Madonna concerts I've danced my way through.

488--number of times I've mentioned Madonna since going to her concert last week.  Sorry.  My family is so over it.  I will stop. Just one more time...Madonna! 489!
There's my pal Steph and I (and my arm pit, sorry) getting into the groove at the concert last week. Enough, I know, sorry.

2--rough average of the number of times I cry a week.

56--rough average of the number of times I laugh a week.

17--approximate number of times I dance each week.

17--approximate number of times my oldest child rolls his eyes each time I dance.

BAM.  Suck it math.  These numbers are fun.  
Thanks for the idea from my pal at

What do your numbers look like?

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  1. I love your numbers!! We have so much in common, Angela. I can't even believe it sometimes. I hope you go to Blissdom so we can dance together! This was so much fun to read. Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Parallel lives my friend. I am crunching numbers and trying to make Blissdom work. I would love to dance with you!!!
      Thanks for the fun numbers idea for a blog post.

  2. I will never be friends with math, but I love this number idea. I have also reached the point where I sometimes can't remember exactly how old I am.

    1. This was a fun post my friend Greta came up with so I linked up.
      I guess forgetting how old we are can be a wonderful thing right?

  3. Math was always my cryptonite, but I can remember numbers better than names. Go figure...
    Great "list"! I had fun doing mine as well, that a great idea Greta had!

    1. Oh, I'm jealous. I can't remember numbers OR names. I did love this idea Great had. For as much as I hate numbers, I could have kept going and going with things on my list. Fun!

  4. I never thought to count the number of times I dance each week. I bet I would dance more often if I knew how little I danced. :) Thanks! And the lego situation looks eerily like my home. Stepping on one of those buggers is awful!

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