Monday, November 5, 2012

The Last Four Years

There's a lot of election talk right now. I know, I've been doing a lot of talking about candidates, proposals, electorates, etc.  And I am tense and worried and hopeful and ah shucks, all kinds of emotional regarding the outcome of Tuesday.  It made me question recently what Wednesday will look like.  

But then I started thinking about what the past four years looked like.  Not nationally.  Personally.  And holy shit, a lot of life has happened in the past four years.
Some of the happenings of the last four years. Going through the pictures (and there were thousands) made me cry at how much my children have grown.
In the past four years:

  • I had my fourth baby, my boy Wade.
  • I started my blog.
  • We short-sold our home and became renters.
  • My husband switched jobs.
  • We took two very looooong road trips to the ocean.
  • Two more of my children started elementary school.
  • I lost dear friends to cancer.
  • I ran a marathon.
  • My son JT was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and we all went gluten free.
  • The family experienced the Swine Flu outbreak first hand- 4 out of 6 of us, two weeks after baby Wade was born.
  • Three of my children learned to ride their bikes without training wheels.
  • We became a Mac family after visiting the Apple store and never looked back. 
  • I discovered (and fell in love with) the show Mad Men
  • My marriage was tested with financial challenges, health issues, family struggles, my own battles with emotional balance and more.  And it (my marriage), got stronger and better.
  • I tried for the first time and quickly became addicted to Nutella.

There were a million more things, events, moments, big things, little things--a lot of life in four years.  No matter what happens on Tuesday, life will go on and we will live all the moments big and small.  We will love, cry, laugh, achieve, grieve, cope, hope and triumph and remember.  Life will go on.

Think about it.  How much life have you lived in the past four years?  What has happened to you and your family?

There's been a lot (I mean a lot) of laughs over the last four years.  Have some more by watching one of my favorite comedian's on SNL this past Saturday night.  Louis C.K.=total f-ing hilarious.

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