Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Small Boy

There are a lot of mysteries in the world.  Like how in the world can Dancing With the Stars still be pulling in such high ratings?  Or how one small little boy can wear me out.

Not just wear me out, but make me so tired my eyelids won't stay open.  So tired I walk around the house grunting like a pro tennis player with the smallest of chores.  So tired I want to stand in the middle of my kitchen and cry (okay I just did that).

When my older kids went back to school after the holiday break, I did a happy dance.  I thought it would be a breeze with only one child, baby Wade (age 3), at home.

Here's the happy child drop-off at the school car loop on Monday:

I promised not to complain until Christmas break.  And I'm not complaining, just trying to figure it all out.

It could have something to do with me getting old(er) and Wade being just a little bit rowdy.
Look at that smug smile, like he's saying "yeah, I broke the lamp behind me, what else you got?"
He's cute, he's funny.  He's got his own ideas.  He's my little buddy.  
But god dammit he wears me out. 

Check out what we did last weekend...we went to a really cool, big city right down the road: Detroit.  
Yes, Detroit.  And we had a blast.
Read about our family's mini adventure here:

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