Friday, December 13, 2013

Elf Magic, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

"Did you know Keith's brother has Celiac too?," JT asked me when I woke up one morning this past week. "He told me so in his note to me," he added smiling, maybe feeling a little less alone.

Keith has a brother, Todd.  Todd has Celiac disease.  This makes JT very happy because he has it too.  Keith is our elf, a former WWE wrestling action figure.  Todd doesn't live here.  Keith wrote a letter to JT, replying to a letter JT wrote to Keith.
Keith holding his letter for JT.

I love that the kids leave notes/letters and leave them for Keith. They leave suggestions about where to hide.  They ask questions.  They have a dialogue with him.  And Tim, the power behind the elf magic, uses his power for good. Being playful, helpful, inclusive. 

I used to feel bad about lying to the kids about Santa Claus.  It still sort of bothers me.  When Peyton found out that Santa wasn't real, he was pissed.  He couldn't believe we had lied to him for so many years.  But when I told him Santa was inspired by a real-life guy and adds to the magic of Christmas and being a little kid, he got less angry.  And when I told him he could help and be a part of the magic making, he got sort of into it.

He hasn't asked about the elf, he plays his part in keeping the magic alive for the little kids.  For some reason, I don't feel as bad about lying about Keith.  I sort of can't believe that they believe.  But I sort of also just kind of love it.

Keith and the power of the elf connection rule in our house and the magic of all of it is some kind of wonderful, I know that for sure this week.

Here's what else I know for sure (right now):

  • Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) Metro Detroit is collaborating with Alternatives For Girls. And I couldn't be more proud and excited about it.  Click here to read more about our LTYM collaboration.

  • I could be or find the next Eminem.  Yeah, that's right.  While searching for a LTYM venue, I got to stand in the spot where Eminem got his start and where the movie 8 Mile was filmed.  When I came home and told the kids, they acted like I told them I went to Target.  They looked annoyed that I was speaking.  They'll be sorry when I'm famous.
That's not Eminem, that's some random guy outside the famous spot.

  • Pantene's ad from the Philippines is a powerful look at stereotypes and labels.  It's gone viral and I love it so much.  Watch it.

  • Playdates are important for kids and grown ups. And um, isn't my pal Liane's playroom just the cutest?

  • I am not loving the new season of Parenthood. Where are the sibling breakfasts? Where's the humor?  Where is Hattie?  And why is Christina ignoring Max and Nora? And why don't they have a Christmas episode? Ugh. I miss the old days.  I want to love one of my favorite shows, but I just don't right now.

  • Trouble figuring out the difference between empathy and sympathy? Check out this beautiful, simple animation of a Brene Brown talk.

  • Christmas caroling is really sweet.  Lucy's school choir went last night and sure it was only about 8 degrees, but it was cute and festive.  I had to reign in my enthusiasm a bit (Lucy didn't want me to do jazz hands, what?), but it definitely put me in a holiday mood.

What do you know for sure (this week)?  C'mon, we're friends, share what you know. 

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  1. I love that you have the magic of the Elf in your home. Sounds like fun!!

  2. Oh, I used to go caroling with my church youth group. That really was fun, except for when you go to an older person's house and actually wake them up. That's kind of awkward.

    Your elf is awesome, and apparently, so is his brother.

    I'm watching season 4 of Parenthood and it's one of the best seasons. It goes downhill a little, though, huh? Sigh.