Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elfing & Holiday Rules

I know there are lots of opinions about the old Elf on the Shelf.    Some people get sort of waaaaay too into it.  Some people think those people are dumb.  Some people get really angry about elfing.  

It seems that we either do too much or not enough, not just with the elf but with anything holiday-ish.  Everybody feels really strongly about what we all should be doing and saying during the holidays. I mean the outrage over stores being open on Thanksgiving was kind of nuts to me.  And saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, don't get those folks started.  

I have strong feelings about things.  I feel very strongly that if it brings joy to your family and doesn't hurt anyone, do it.  If you listen to Christmas music in October, shop on Thanksgiving and meticulously plan the antics of the Elf on the Shelf every damn day in December and it doesn't make you mean and overstressed and hateful, do it.  It's not my jam, but that's cool.

Some people may be appalled that we knighted? anointed? nominated? well, anyway, we picked an old toy to be our Elf on the Shelf.  Last year, a random WWE wrestling action figure became our elf Keith Babu.  The kids got totally into it.  It was fun, funny and brought our family joy.

So we decided to do it again this year...
We shortened Keith's name to K.B. this year. Lucy made his outfit.  K.B. is wearing an old sock and a belt made of twine.

Last night, we had an elf evening.  There was a theme dinner based on the movie Elf.  

Lots of syrup, lots of sugar.  Don't worry I made them a veggie tray for their after school snack.
JT trying to be just like Buddy. 
Syrup in a fancy gravy boat thing? Yeah we got that.

After everyone was hyped up with a good sugar buzz, we performed our elf magic/naming ceremony. 

It's part Survivor elimination ceremony, part fish tank initiation in Nemo and part crazy loud kids and candles.  It's all goofy and fun and we love it.

I guess it's part National Honors Society too.  Doesn't it look like Tim is in one of those?  Or at least that's what I picture it like anyway, never made it to one. Waaaaa.

Even the stuffed animals get in on the ceremony.

Yeah this happened.(Lucy is on the drum in the background.)

Then we watched the movie Elf together.  

It was a perfect night, for us.  It's not everyone's jam, and that's cool.

Do what works for you and enjoy the holidays.  

I linked up with Mama Kat for my thoughts on the chaos of Christmas.  Check it out.

What about you guys?  What's your jam?  Do you elf?  What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. I love that you did what you did, as a family. And you had fun. That's what's most important.
    I don't get Elf on the Shelf, but I don't care to get angry or puzzled, or anything really. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love you guys so much. That video is the best thing ever.

  3. Pure awesome !! What a great dinner idea! So fun!!
    And yes to #10 - I love the song wintersong by SM but it can result in the spontaneous crying!!