Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rolling Eyes, Throwing Punches & Dancing-- Merry Christmas 2013

I stopped mailing Christmas cards last year.  It wasn't something I decided to do, it just sort of happened.  I'm actually not getting very many Christmas cards anymore either.  One of my theories about why some of us aren't sending out as many or any cards around the holidays is because we all loved showing off our babies.  Oh look, there's my cute little baby with Santa.  Awwww, here's my adorable toddler kissing my new baby by the Christmas tree.  Those were fun cards to send.  Now, I'm not so sure people want to see pictures of my surly preteens by the Christmas tree.  They are still really good looking kids, but it is challenging to catch the older ones smiling in between eye rolls.  
Oh wait, this shot is pretty good.  They are all sort of smiling.
But of course, a photo shoot usually ends up in some sort of mayhem.
 Wait for it...
Of course, the baby Wade throws the first punch.  (He is truly one tough kid, watch out Pre-K.)
Mayhem.  But it's my mayhem and I love them with every fiber of my being, even when they are rolling eyes and throwing punches.

For fun, I started doing those little dance videos.  The kids loved watching the videos over and over and over.  Then it just sort of happened again, I stopped doing them.

But we didn't stop dancing. Duh.
So, I thought for this year's Christmas card/video, I'd put together a mash up of some of my favorite dance clips from 2013 and put them to my favorite song from 1985.   As far as dance-y years go, this one wasn't the danciest.  Parts of this year looked like the sad little town in Footloose where dancing was outlawed (before Kevin Bacon liberated them).  Slowly, I am getting my groove back and I have high hopes for 2014 to be one of the danciest years yet.  

Check us out:

Annnnnnd Merry Christmas!  
Hope you are somewhere dancing your heart out because just like Midnight Star sings in the video, it's so easy and so right.