Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Holiday Statement, A Pinterest Poser Challenge

I've decided I sort of need crafting like I need running and writing...I need it to survive.  Yeah, that's right I just said if I can't craft I will die.  It might be a slight exaggeration.  I mean, I'd live if I couldn't ModPodge or write in my journal or run a couple miles.  I think.  But I am happier and better when I get it all out of my head and my heart and my mind.

So the other night when I felt a little overwhelmed with issues and problems and worries that I have absolutely no control over whatsoever, I searched for a craft I could make while watching heartwarming Christmas specials with my kids.  I was inspired by something I pinned and got to work.

For this week's Pinterest Poser Challenge,* I made a DIY Holiday Statement Shirt.

*In an attempt at not being a Pinterest Poser,** every Tuesday-ish I  detail a new Pinterest challenge whether it be a new recipe or a craft.   

**My definition of a Pinterest Poser is someone who is all pins and no substance.**

Part of the fun of this project was to figure out what kind of holiday statement I wanted to make.  
Some ideas the kids and I came up with were:
I Believe
Merry and Bright
Holly Jolly

I decided I wanted to go with a message that actually transcends Christmas.  A message of calmness that I need year round, but especially at Christmas.

Peace, Joy, Love

While the kids and I watched The Polar Express, I cut and painted.

My supplies included:
Plain white T-shirt from Michael's around $5
Contact paper from Home Depot around $7
Fabric paint (I chose black/grey) from Michael's around $3
Scissors, paint brush from my kitchen drawer.

I wrote the words on the contact paper and then cut them out.
I placed the outline of the words on the T-shirt as a stencil and started painting.  (Don't forget to put a towel inside of the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through.)

I let the paint dry.  

Then I threw on a red sweater/jacket and wore my kickass Christmas statement T-shirt to church the next morning.  Spreading Peace, Love and Joy everywhere I went.

I plan to dress it up with a sequins jacket for an upcoming holiday party.

It's not a perfect project.  And yes, I probably would have lived without making it.  But making a shirt about peace, love and joy brought me peace, love and joy.  And it was fun, easy and cheap.  In a season of Christmas sweaters and similar holiday dresses/shirts/outfits from Old Navy or Ann Taylor or wherever ladies shop nowadays, I like standing out in my imperfect holiday statement shirt.

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  1. I love this T-shirt! I agree that crafting alleviates stress, especially of the holiday variety.

    I have not done a new Pinterest project in awhile, but I'm hoping to do it with some Christmas wrapping this weekend!

  2. You could sell this tee, it's adorable!

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