Monday, April 14, 2014


Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit is less than three weeks away.  When I first started this journey of co-producing a live storytelling show, I hoped it would be an opportunity to connect with other storytellers in my community.  But so far, the journey has been so much more.  Connecting with storytellers is just part of this journey.  The other part is all about discovering.

Discovering places that I now love but had never had been to in Detroit.

Discovering that I have a rusty skill-set (do they still call it that in resume speak?) in marketing that that works and fun to use again.

Discovering that it's pretty amazing to have this little idea of bringing a really cool show to an area full of rich, meaningful stories, and that you can make it happen in a big way.

Discovering that people you thought you have nothing in common with, you actually do.

Discovering that going outside comfort zones is crazy scary, but beyond rewarding.

Discovering that you aren't too old to start new dreams, new ideas, new stories.

Discovering that everyone has a story and when they tell it, compassion grows, love grows, understanding grows.

Discovering that um, I kind of love being on stage.

Watch what happened behind the scenes at our final Listen To Your Mother rehearsal (and where I discoverd that I love the stage!).

I hope we fill the theater on May 4, so more people will make their own connections and their own discoveries.  Click here for more information about the show.  Click here to buy tickets.
Click here to find out if a Listen To Your Mother show is happening in your city.

Read more about Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit in this Detroit Free Press article. Click here.


  1. Love that you're on this amazing journey of discovery.

  2. I think at this point it's a given that you will be dancing on to the stage.

  3. I love so much that we are doing this together. To think that this all started with our first meeting at Olga's.

  4. You are an inspiration to me to stretch my wings! I am at a similar stage in life.

  5. It kind of doesn't surprise me that you love the stage. :) I wish I could be there to see the show - it's going to be awesome.