Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family & #iPPP

Candy for breakfast? Check.  Bubbles inside? Check.  Hands up in the air, waving like we just don't care? Check and check.  Yo.  It was a holiday weekend and we did what we do...celebrate and act all crazy.

We also carried on traditions like Easter Bunny cake.  

Even though the dog ate an entire ear of our bunny before we could say Peter Cottontail, it worked out okay.

When I was little, my mother was was all about the Easter Bunny cakes, Labor Day picnics, candy for breakfast on special days and more.  Every year, it wasn't perfect, but it happened.  Until it didn't.  When my parents got divorced traditions stopped.  

In between a million moves, parents remarrying, my mother's anxiety and mental instability and addiction issues, and us just growing up, traditions stopped.  My brother and sister and I used to try to maintain some of the little things they did--making special foods at holidays or singing certain songs.  But it never really stuck.

Traditions, even silly one-eared bunny cakes, matter.  They are part of the story of the family.  They link generations.  

Peyton rolled his eyes when I asked him to get in the traditional Easter Bunny Cake picture this past weekend.  I promised not to post it anywhere on social media and he reluctantly agreed.  "Listen kid, I am going to make a bunny cake forever," I told him.  "You will be posing for this picture with your kids."  He rolled his eyes again. But I know. I know that if I stopped making this bunny cake or doing the things that make our family us, it would matter.  Because it's part of the story of the family, it links us.

We went to Tim's parents' house for dinner on Easter evening.  I looked out on the deck and saw him talking to his three brothers.  They weren't talking about anything particularly special.  They were just hanging out on the deck on Easter evening because that's what they do.  That's their tradition, that's part of the story of their family.

What is the story of your family?  
What traditions do you all have?  

All the pictures in this post were taken with my iPhone.  And I post most of them to Instagram.  Come on over an play with me there.

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  1. This made me all emotional. Something about your kids with the bunny cake and then Tim with his brothers. Awesome.

  2. The photo of your husband with his brothers melted me. There is an unwritten comfort when siblings get together. I hope to foster that with my children. And yes to bubbles indoors because sure the floor may get sticky but you know what, I'd rather they remember the bubbles inside rather than me getting huffy over cleanable stickiness.

  3. I definitely like to do something every holiday, but I don't really like to do the same exact thing every year. I mean, there are a few things like, the kids new PJs and an ornament every Christmas Eve, and we have an Easter dinner. But other than that, I'm open!

  4. I love that you have the traditions and even though they might roll their eyes, they still participate. <3

  5. I completely agree - these traditions are what keep a family together, even if the kids get to an age that they roll their eyes.

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