Friday, April 25, 2014

Moments & What I Know For Sure

Life is such a blur right now and I feel like my ADD is in full effect.  My mind is bouncing from one idea to the next and there are so many things to think about and do and say and's so much that all I really want to do is lay around, eat ice cream and watch old episodes of Thirtysomething.  But duh, there's no time for that.  I'm not complaining, just explaining what's going on in my crazy head/life right now.  I feel like I should pull an Olaf and say that these are "all good things, all good things."  If you don't get the Olaf reference then, well, you obviously haven't watched Frozen a billion times.

Last week in the middle of all this craziness, Tim and I went out for a date after the kids' parent/teacher conferences.  It was really sweet and romantic and wonderful and quiet.  

We were holding on---to the moment, to each other.  Because it's very easy to get lost and caught up in this thing called life.  

I know for sure that you have to grab those moments and not let opportunities for connection slip away.

Here's What Else I Know For Sure:

Me at our last rehearsal at the amazing Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit.

  • I am upset that Tori Spelling is putting her therapy sessions on TV.  But I watched anyway. I know! I couldn't help it.  I really liked them and I feel so sad for them.  And so pissed at Dean.

  • Sunshine is a wonderful thing.  Wade was digging the sun at his sandbox this week.  He's so in the zone in this picture.  Soaking up the rays, sucking on a BlowPop from his Easter basket, singing war chants (because that's what he does) and playing with the sand. 

  • Father and son matching fashion is pretty rad.  I dreamed of maybe my only daughter and me dressing alike one day.  Okay, I didn't but I thought if there were going to be matchy fashions to post it would be us.  But nope, JT loves to dress like Tim.  I kind of love it so much.

  • April is almost over and I am going to miss VEDA- Vlog Every Day April.  I've missed a few days, but not too many.  I am having so much fun and being so ridiculous.  Here are a few most recent ones:

The One Where I Do A Bunch Of Different Accents

The One Where I Put Make Up On And Go Out

The One Where I Ask The Important Questions Like Is 40 Too Old For Braids

What do YOU know for sure this week?  Come on, we're friends, tel me.  Leave a comment below or head on over to my Facebook page.  Share what you know for sure right now.

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