Monday, April 28, 2014

His Own Team

It was strange being on the sidelines and not having to take care of anyone.  No toddler to chase or baby to soothe.  Nope.  Just me watching my boy play baseball.  My baby boy, who isn't really a baby anymore.  

This past Saturday, my baby boy who isn't really a baby anymore, got his very own team.  

He has been going to games of his brothers and sister since he was two days old. 
The big brothers had baseball games this weekend too.

I'm not exaggerating to make his story more dramatic.  He was born on October 7, on October 9 I took him to his big brother's flag football game.  Tim had to work, Grandma had the other kids and I took Wade to the game.  It's literally been his whole life.  So getting his own team? Yeah, that's a very big deal.

I knew it would hit Wade in a big way, but I was surprised by how hard it hit me.  Watching my baby boy who isn't really a baby anymore walk up to the tee and hit the ball made my eyes well up with tears.  

How did this happen?  Four and a half years felt like a minute.  I'm happy and sad and all kinds of oh-my-gosh-he's-growing-up-and-when-did-I-become-such-a-sap?  It's happening, my baby isn't really a baby anymore.  Nope.  He's a happy pre-schooler who loves baseball, looks up to his big brothers, plays anything his sister will play with him and now has his very own team.  He also has the sweetest lisp that better not go away this year or I will f*%#ing go over the edge of the sappy-I-can't-handle-my-baby-not-being-a-baby ledge.

Here's the video of his very first day with his very own team (and you can hear the sweet lisp):

The weekend was a weekend of baseball firsts.  JT won his very first tournament, which made him very happy.


  1. LOVE! They look so adorable sitting on their little chairs waiting to play. And the sappiness? I think that is coming from all the LTYM stuff. I'm feeling the same way. It is like those "before you give birth hormones" are coming out before we give birth to our show babies.

    1. Oh my gosh, I agree with you, this Listen To Your Mother process is making me sap, sap, sappy. Totally!

  2. That was the sweetest thing.
    Seriously... why's it gotta go by so fast?

  3. Oh gosh, he's adorable! He's a natural at baseball too, that was a really good hit!

  4. He is so darn cute. I miss those t-ball days. I don't even care how sappy that is. Sap away, my friend. You're in good company. xoxo

  5. Awwww! Such a cool milestone. I kind of dream about the day there won't be toddlers to chase or babies to soothe from the sidelines. I'll actually be able to SIT AND WATCH OR WHATEVER I WANT? So foreign. Just like anything else I'm sure it'll feel bittersweet. At first. Then I'll love it too. Beautiful pics, Angela!