Monday, August 18, 2014

It's Football Season In Our House

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It is football season in our house.  And that makes me feel all kinds of emotions.  I'm nervous about my boys getting hurt.  Like really nervous.  But the joy that I see in my boys overrides that nervousness most of the time.  They love it.  

Peyton looking very teenager-y after a scrimmage.
They love playing and working hard, and competing.    They love spending time with their friends.  They love spending time with their dad who is one of the coaches.

This is the first year that JT has played real tackle football, with gear, shoulder pads and a helmet.  He is so excited.  Since school hasn't started yet, it's sort of all he thinks about.  I tell him to go get dressed in the morning and he comes downstairs with his football gear on, seven hours before practice.  
JT ready for his day.
When I tell him he can't keep it on all day, he keeps it close by all day.

JT wants to be like his big brother.  He wants to play football.  

Football is all toughness and tenacity, life lessons, grit, teamwork, speed and sportsmanship.  It's a love of the game thing, it's a brother thing. 

They have been practicing for a few weeks now and their first games are this weekend.  I'm still nervous about them getting hurt or disappointed with playing time or a loss.  I'm nervous about those things everyday though.  So this Sunday, I will be in the bleachers with the rest of the family to watch my boys play because it's football season in our house.


  1. I fully appreciate this, Angela. I am hoping that my son does NOT want to take up football... but if he does, I hope I have your sunny attitude about it. xo

  2. Oh this is hard, isn't it? They love it, but you worry. Parenting is not for the weak.

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