Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Plump Cliche & Making My Health A Priority

I wanted to get back in shape again so I started running again.  But then I tore or pulled something and had to stop.  I wanted to make changes in my diet and make more healthy choices less fried and chocolate choices, so I started making smoothies.  I fell in love with smoothies, adding protein and ground flaxseed.  But then my blender broke.  THEN I decided to finally call and make an appointment with a doctor to check my torn/pulled tendon or muscle or whatever it is and maybe check some of my hormone levels.  And check my thyroid because I'm convinced that having a nonworking thyroid is the reason my metabolism died and I'm so tired all the time.  But when I saw the name of the doctor I was referred to, I found out it was a parent of one of my children's friends and I thought that would be too weird so I didn't call.

It's like the universe doesn't want me to be healthy.  Waaaa.  But it's not like I'm giving up, last night I sat in my kitchen and watched Yoga videos on YouTube while I ate a Fudge Round.

I can't believe what I've become...a plump, suburban cliche.  I drive a minivan, know all the lyrics to the song Fancy, put my work out clothes on with every intention of going to the gym or at least doing stretches while I watch The Real Housewives of Orange County but end up drinking a glass of wine while watching instead of stretching.  
First things first, I'm the realest.
Okay, wait I know life isn't all lyrics to a pop song and I know that I wore these work out clothes to run errands all day and then out to an unhealthy dinner.  

AND I put my health last.  I make sure each one of my four kids gets to their dentist appointments every six months but I haven't been to the dentist in two years.  All their immunizations are up to date but I've been carrying around my mammogram order for two years and haven't gone yet.  I don't have a family doctor for myself--I see my OB for everything or go to the urgent care down the street.

I'm not sure how this happened.  I mean I love my minivan and Iggy Azalea, but I need to get a handle on this whole taking care of myself thing.  Not only do I want to feel better, I want to live longer and I want to set better examples for my kids.

It's bigger than being a cliche.  
I need to man up, no mom up and just make the appointments, have the tests, accept that my thyroid is fine and realize that I just need more fiber, water and exercise.  I must make my health a top-of-the-list item for me, for my kids.  No more excuses, no more blaming the universe.  

After one more Fudge Round, I vow to make the calls, make the commitment.  
I will make healthier choices starting now.

I will get the mammogram, my teeth cleaned, my moles checked, my ripped/torn tendon/muscle diagnosed, I will eat more fiber, walk more, run more, sleep more.  I will not just find the time, I will make the time.

How do you make yourself a priority?  Is your health a top-of-the-list item?  Do you have any tips on making time for your health?

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  1. oh girl, you are singing my song, or the song i've been trying really hard to sing for the past year. know what motivates me? i had a heart attack last october at 39. no family history, no real risk factors - even my own doctor's response was, "what the hell?!"

    it was really fucking scary and even scarier when my cardiologist said, "oh this could happen to anyone at any time."

    it's probably a less of a motivating factor when you haven't been on the bathroom floor praying that you get to see your kids grow up, but i know you can imagine it. SO, i'm coming up to a year post-heart-attack and i've been doing the C25k and surprising myself every day. it's terrible and awesome and hard and great.

    make those appointments - you are so full of awesome and you deserve it!

  2. YES, I know exactly what you mean. I always have good intentions, and let them slip not long into them. I am going to get back on track once these babies are born! Good luck to ya!

  3. I hate going to the doctor for anything, hate making appointments, hate exercising. I do like to eat healthy, because I just like to eat. For me, though, the thought of taking care of just one more thing makes me tired. Even if it's my health. Maybe that's why moms put themselves last all the time.