Friday, August 1, 2014

The Summer of Rediscovery & What I Know For Sure

I might be on TV this fall.  Yup, I might have just been discovered.  

There was an open casting call for an ABC daytime talk show at BlogHer last week.  When I read that they needed a "parenting expert" I just thought, well duh.  Actually I went just in case someone asked "have you ever been  to an open casting call?" So I could answer "why, yes, yes I have done that."

I sat down and talked about myself and my kids and all my expertise-s.   I waited for my screen test and when they didn't ask I made sure they knew where to find my YouTube channel.  

"Are you willing to relocate to L.A.?," the woman asked. 

"Why, yes, yes I am," I stated.  

It's been almost a week since I might have been discovered and I haven't heard any details about the show or relocating....yet.   

While I realize the suits from ABC may not have fallen in love with me, a discovery was indeed made last week.  This whole summer was really  a REdiscovery.  I rediscovered my love of adventure (hello road trips), facing my fears (flying and conferencing) and just going for it (road trips, flying and conferencing).  I forgot how good I was at new things, new places and no schedules.  

The challenge now is how to incorporate all that adventure, fear-facing-just-going-for-it attitude into my daily life.  Because my daily life is full of schedules and shuttling and reminding and cleaning and organizing and oh hell, a bunch of stuff that I'm not that great at.  But wait, maybe I won't have to...because maybe all of that will be handled by my personal assistant when I'm in L.A.

This summer of REdiscovery has helped me lighten up a little about my inadequacies regarding scheduling and cleaning.  It makes me happy to know that I'm ready to go for it, whatever it is, I know that for sure this week.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • I'm obsessed with Friday Night Lights.  During my six hour layover in the Dallas airport, I watched three episodes on Netflix.  And now back home, I've gotten Tim involved.  We are loving it.  Soooo good. Clear eyes. Full heart. Can't lose! Right?

  • Wade is a party animal.  
Look at his hair? Ha!

  • I flew when I was afraid to fly and it wasn't the worst thing in the world.  In case you missed this week's vlog, here it is.  I discuss a few of the strategies I used to get over my fear. Check it out (click here if the video isn't loading below):

  • Kayaking is the bomb.  During the summer of REdiscovery, I made a new discovery that I love kayaking.  So peaceful, yet so powerful.  And so easy on aging knees.

What do YOU know for sure this week, right now?  Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page.  Have you made a discovery? A RE discovery?


  1. This is all so awesome! I'll say I knew you when! And Friday Night Lights is the perfect show to watch together. So sad when it ended!

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't think they'll call. But here's to taking chances and going for it right?

  2. I think you would be great on TV. What I know for sure is that I miss my friends and I wish that we could all be together more.

  3. I LOVE that Vance Joy song. LOVE it. You are my should sistah.

    You would be PERFECT for that show. Whatever it is. Then you can't say you're "just a blogger from Detroit." Still makes me laugh.

    1. I love you Leigh Ann. We ARE soul sisters. I miss you.

  4. You are a natural for TV!
    And what a great summer for you. Love living vicariously through you.